In the previous article, we have discussed 5 ways to determine an effective advertisement point for advertising. By following the steps, you can determine which point or location will be the target audience of your product. The next question is to choose to advertise on static billboards or digital like videotron huh ?? Hmm … confused? Well no worry, we will help you to choose. Here we summarize based on rental prices, production costs, visual changes, attractiveness, and showtime.

From the comparison table above, you can consider which media is suitable for you to use. Both have strengths and weaknesses of each.

If you choose to use static media we have static media recommendations with the concept of city friendly advertising. Or, if you choose digital media, you need to know the specifications of the LED videotron or digital banner that you need. Or are you looking for other media that are anti-mainstream and out-ofthe-box ?? Relax, we will discuss in the next article, friend.

Still uncertain which one to choose? Immediately contact our customer center at 08 1313 0101 16, our marketing team will help you to determine the media that suits your needs. Find your convenience to advertise on billboards and videotrons with Mediamove. We help you to find strategic billboard and videotron advertising points and certainly fit your target market.


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