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The use of billboards as a comprehensive marketing medium is now increasingly loved by various brands, including one of these digital providers. They are also using social media to amplify this marketing wave. Not a few netizens are upset because they have been fooled by this marketing technique.

Excited, a man named Bayu with the username Instagram @ bayu.seti41 renting a billboard in the SCBD area. In the billboard, he is seen embracing an actress Amanda Manopo, and confessing to be his ex. In addition, he also wrote that he wanted to Amanda Manopo back into love with him.

The first time this phenomenon went viral because it was uploaded by the news media Instagram @folkative on February 18, and the Instagram account @lambe_turah also uploaded it. On the billboard is written the sentence “billboard do your magic”, this sentence was originally known on social media Twitter as a sign of hope that the message writer request can be achieved with netizen helps.

You can see Bayu’s Billboard, his Instagram Comments and Uploads Column. Source: Jagat Review,

Not only that, Bayu also asked for support from netizens to agree with and help himself to be noticed by his idol, Amanda Manopo. The reactions of netizens also varied; many were supportive but not a few ridiculed the man. Some netizens said that Bayu was hallucinations a high level, some others also said that Bayu was a rich man.

On his Instagram account, Bayu often uploads photos of Amanda Manopo’s beautiful face with romantic captions. Amanda Manopo herself is currently very loved by many movie series lovers, besides being beautiful, she is also famous for her good acting and has succeeded in building chemistry with her partner in the movie series. This movie series entitled Ikatan Cinta has finally become the talk and has been awaited by millions of people.

Bayu who was telling his struggle and Amanda who asked for clarification. Sources:,

Bayu also shared through IGTV how he struggled to get Amanda Manopo’s attention so far. Bayu said that he was a big fan of Amanda Manopo, often watching and looking forward to the story and often commenting on every upload of Ananda Manopo. But unfortunately, everything he did was fruitless, until finally he prompted him to rent a billboard.

Bayu hopes that this is the ultimate way to get Amanda Manopo’s attention and at the same time coincide with the month of love. He also studied and found out how the billboard rental system, even Bayu also admitted that he spent four years of savings just to make this surprise.

After being viral in various online news media for a short time, the news arrived in the artist’s ears. Amanda Manopo, who knew this, was immediately shocked and rushed to visit the billboard. This method finally worked, Bayu got Amanda’s attention, but it turned out that Amanda Manopo asked Bayu for clarification on this incident.

Video Call of Bayu and Ananda Stagnated, Breakthrough By.u Move On Kuy 5GB. Sources:,

Soon, Bayu and Amanda Manopo video call each other for clarification requests beforehand. However, it has not been long since, their video call has stalled due to Bayu’s poor internet signal quality. Amanda, who was annoyed at this, immediately took the By.u provider out and recommended it to Bayu to move on to the provider so that he had a good internet signal quality.

And yes, this is where all netizens pat their foreheads because they have been fooled by the marketing made by By.u. Many netizens praised By.u’s marketing techniques so that they were intent on driving their curiosity about Bayu’s figure until it finally became a product advertisement.

It turns out that By.u did this marketing technique to promote their latest breakthrough, namely Move On Kuy 5GB. New By.u users and the owner of the By.u referral code will each receive a 5GB quota. By.u itself is the first digital provider in Indonesia and has a fairly wide signal coverage and has a segmentation of the Indonesian youth market which is highly dependent on quotas and signal quality.

Currently, the implementation of continuous marketing between various media has begun and is recognized by various brands. Not a few examples for marketing cases like this, many brands and marketers have done sustainable marketing very well. Of course, each medium has its own weaknesses and strengths, linking the two together into one series and in tune is an “expensive” job.


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