In the world of OOH advertising there are several advertising media such as billboards, JPO, and videotron. During this modern era videotron became popular. That can be seen from the number of videotrons or LEDs available in the city.

Then what is videotron?

Videotron or LED is an outdoor advertising media that displays visual moves such as advertisements that appear on Telivisi. Displayed in an interesting way at strategic points.

LEDs are used to display visuals in the form of videos, images, or moving text. Videotron is considered a new solution for modern outdoor advertising media. Billboards, banners and other conventional outdoor media sometimes do not meet the city’s aesthetic standards. Media positions outside the home sometimes appear to overlap. That made the city look messy. It would be different if we saw videotron. Videotron looks very modern, beautifies the city and makes the city come alive with advertisements.

There are videotrons or LEDs attached to the building. In addition, there is a videotron that stands on its own pole. As we know, advertising business is always interesting to discuss. No wonder if in big cities in Indonesia, we can find many videotrons.


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