Videotron or digital billboards have various types and sizes of digital signage. Another name for videotron is LED, some are as small as posters and larger ones. Videotron in Jakarta is widely used for marketing so that it is able to attract many customers.

Poster-sized videotrons are usually used to display routes or schedules at bus stops. Meanwhile, larger digital signage is generally used to display flight departure and arrival schedules at airports.

Videotron in big cities in Indonesia is increasingly being used, especially in Jakarta. Its existence is increasingly interesting, on average already using 3 Dimensional (3D) technology. These billboards are often found on the side of the highway in the city center and are located in tall buildings so that it is easy for many people to see them.

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Videotron’s presence in Jakarta Presents 3D Technology for Creative Content

Videotron uses almost the same as billboards. But what makes the difference is the more diverse types of content on Videotron. This type of content is usually in the form of a slideshow of images and running text that changes every few seconds.

Interestingly, the use of screen technology on Videotron can be more varied and can adjust to the needs of the client. Then videotron displays LCD or LED screens, there are even some that are complete with speakers. That way, this type of ad can deliver audio-visual content. In addition, it is sometimes accompanied by a touch screen so that people can easily interact directly.

Basically, videotron in Jakarta has components as well as a computer screen whose job is to play content. The system is embedded behind the screen, it is compact and integrated. There is also a desktop operating system, such as Windows or Linux and Android or mobile OS.

The system will be connected to a computer using the internet or cellular network. The computer contained in the videotron can be controlled via remote access, including the display of content on the screen.

3D Videotron LED

Videotron’s giant screen in Jakarta combines creative and imaginative 3D video content with the naked eye. Then the stereo sound around it in the form of human screen interaction and other latest technologies. That way, you can reach the audience as a whole.

The resulting visual impact is stunning and gives the impression of a real-life image. Digital billboard technology and innovation achieves a comprehensive breakthrough in the complete range of LED display screens. In addition, there are control operations, software maintenance platforms, creative and innovative video content, and LED display integrated solutions

Videotron’s advanced technology is supported by sophisticated software, hardware, and LED display content. So that customers around the world can use it effectively and efficiently.

Videotron in Jakarta has always been committed to innovation-driven development. Then the thing that is no less important is paying attention to the latest technology and industrial market demands.

Advantages of 3D Billboard

Videotron in Jakarta has many advantages, billboards like this are commercial and non-commercial. First, these billboards can convey information to the general public. Packaged in an attractive form, so that the message conveyed is easily accepted.

Videotron can replace ordinary billboards, especially supported by increasingly rapid technological advances. The images and videos that are presented feel very real, people will be amazed and give the impression that it is not like ordinary advertisements.

Visual effects using shadow, zoom, rotate, even added with animation and professional editing. The LED display uses a high resolution to produce a clear and optimal image.

Another advantage of Videotron in Jakarta is that it is intended for long-term use. Installation of this digital billboard is very easy. An LED display with interesting content will automatically appear, you just need to set a schedule for the content to be broadcast every day. Thanks to its visual appearance, it is easier for the general public to understand and digest the information displayed.

LED Screen Adds Beauty to the City

The use of videotron, especially in Jakarta, is quite safe, according to internet security experts. Information Technology Security is more vital than the content displayed.

More and more LEDs are now widely used around the world. Many public spaces display it. Then this videotron is placed in freestanding or attached to a building.

In addition to increasing the selling value of LEDs, a good concept will add to the beauty of the city. 3D technology creative content is one of the creative outdoor media. Currently, there are more and more creative illusions of 3D visual content. Almost all countries in the world use LED display screens for advertising.

The digital marketing experience will be even more amazing and create a more memorable video display. Moreover, coupled with the development of 3D content and technology.

This form of creativity can increase attention to outdoor media for the audience to see.

The growing 3D technology, both in software and hardware, makes it easier to create advertisements. Then the LED Display support is able to show a visual 3D display. The appeal of videotron in Jakarta then depends on the creativity of each outdoor media service provider.


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