Videotron Erigo Viral after airing on Time Square. One of the local fashion brands in this country is indeed a product that is being targeted by young people. Is a fashion brand that elevates the concept of streetwear. The quality they offer is also no joke. Especially when the news about the video campaign that Erigo participated in. Located in the icon of the neighboring city which is the center of the world crowd. The benchmark has now penetrated the global market. The scene in the world of fashion is getting wide open.

Viral Videotron Erigo Shows

In a campaign that is happening around the world, #StopAsianHate. With this United States background, this Indonesian brand has also contributed. Making the first local brand to join the campaign. This is what made Erigo busy with netizens.

In fact, Erigo became the only brand from Asia to participate in the event. Times Square LED Screening of New York, USA. Brings message impressions about #StopAsianHate inside. It is a form of concern for young people about a serious case regarding global issues.

CEO Erigo’s post

Videotron Erigo Viral in a campaign started from a video set in Times Square. With the upload of the CEO dasri Erigo, showing views of photos and videos containing Erigo supporting the #StopAsiaHate campaign. Approximately one minute in duration, installed directly on the central road of all advertisements, entertainment and iconic destinations for tourists visiting the US.

In the video, Muhammad Sadad is the CEO of Erigo Store. Looks like running under the currently running Videotron LED. Loudly shouting “ERIGO! ERIGO! IN TIMES SQUARE COOL! ”While running and showing one of the Erigo brand hoodies he was wearing.

Bring the Indonesian Name

With the screening of Videotron Erigo Viral, it made new history for Indonesia. Because this fashion brand really comes from the original homeland. With the work of the nation’s youth directly, without interference from foreigners. Making it one of the brands participating in the global campaign, and the only one in Asia.

Movement regarding racism, violence against Asian ethnicities in the country of Uncle Sam. This is what drives empathy and finally Erigo follows. This broadcast also has a good impact on product sales. In fact, this year Erigo has become one of the brands with the most purchases in e-commerce.

Penetrating Global Market

Videotron Erigo Viral during its screening at Time Square also aims at product introduction. With the showing of the video containing Erigo products, automatically outsiders who have never known this local product are curious. Moreover, the concept of casual street wear that Erigo uses is certainly a special attraction. This advertisement which is at the same time a campaign is very effective in its global debut.

Purchasing Erigo products is also very easy. Because this product has a special website and is also sold in various e-commerce sites that are easy to access. Even though different countries, this local fashion product can still be purchased. The quality and design of Erigo cannot be doubted either.

Erigo’s Story Begins

Videotron Erigo Viral, which is at the crossroads of Time Square, is the highest point of Erigo’s achievement. After the lunge of his career in the world of fashion. Even the CEO of Erigo mentioned the story of the origin of this local brand. Starting this business alone in a studio type room located in Depok, West Java. Muhammad Sadad or commonly called Sadad started alone without permanent employees. In 2011 everything was still gray.

Until 2013 he began to put the name Erigo in his brand. However, it turns out that the label he uses has similarities with the designs of competitors’ brands. Various Erigo products always feature original Indonesian batik and ikat fabrics. However, because the concept is quiet, Erigo will begin to change his identity direction.

Join e-commerce

This Erigo Viral Videotron is a form of achieving his goals towards his global market. At the beginning of following this online trading market, Erigo started from a web store. Starting from eleven employees who were in the Parung area. With the stub he started from scratch.

Even Erigo often participates in various clothing festival events. In 2013 Erigo joined the JakCloth Festival. When penetrating e-commerce, Erigo began to be widely recognized. Joining Shopee also makes this local product more widely known.

Best Selling Brand Shoppe

This Videotron Erigo Viral by Erigo paves the way to a wider market. Although previously Erigo had penetrated various Asian countries. Erigo’s coach jacket and chino pants products have even become a favorite in neighboring countries, Singapore and Malaysia. La


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