The use of public facilities to post advertisements is slowly becoming popular because the delivery of information is considered effective. One example is a certain brand of chocolate product that uses a chair or long bench to illustrate the contents of the chocolate in a package.

From the identical color packaging plus the detailed shape similar to the brown texture, people will immediately realize and even be tempted to buy. Utilization of public facilities for promotion does not mean damaging to the environment.

In this case, each company shows creativity in promoting its products while still paying attention to the environmentally friendly aspect. The most important thing is not to damage the available facilities, instead inviting people to be more able to maintain the cleanliness of the surrounding environment.

The creative idea of ​​utilizing public facilities as a promotional medium will amaze the audience. Thus, those who are interested in this design should always keep the location clean, at least not littering.

The creative idea in terms of advertising above seems to be an inspiration for many companies. Overseas, many companies have implemented this way of advertising offline. While in Indonesia, perhaps you will be one of them.

From Videotron to Wall Painting

There are many types of outdoor advertising, one of which is videotron Jakarta, such as video playback in several locations. If you often watch Hollywood films, usually there are scenes in public spaces, which are the outside of a city building.

The phenomenon of using videotron can indeed be considered as one of Billboard’s innovations. However, until now the two have not replaced each other, but rather complemented each other to increase the variety of promotional media outside the room.

Every day there are more and more methods of placing advertisements in various locations with their own uniqueness. One of the ways to show artistic value is the painting on the wall to inform the audience about information about a particular product or service.

This painting on the wall is not meant to damage public facilities because it is done by professionals. In addition, the goal is also clear, namely to market a product or introduce a certain brand of point and can add to the beauty of the wall itself.

The use of the Jakarta Billboard itself is increasingly varied, for example an advertisement for an electronic product in Indonesia. The illustration seems to have very thick nose hairs is the reason for the advertisement to require a nose trimmer.

Effectiveness of Outdoor Advertising

There are actually many advertising media, especially now that conventional advertisements compete with various promotions in the online world. However, for urban communities with high mobility, the installation of outdoor promotional information is still competitive.

The routine of going to work in the morning and coming home from work at night certainly makes up most of the time spent on the streets. During the trip, apart from the view of various vehicles and nature, one of the things that can be seen is the display of the Jakarta Billboard and the like.

Television and social media may become digital technologies in advertising a product more broadly. However, the success rate of a promotion is determined by how much someone is interested in buying the product after seeing an ad.

Why is outdoor promotion still considered very effective because the level of creativity can really be maximized. For example, as already mentioned, it is an illustration of a public bench with a chocolate form from a well-known brand that is known to everyone.

Various ideas for placing advertisements in several public places with as creative style as possible will be easy for consumers to remember. In this case, creative ideas are needed in order to break down conservatives so that the marketing or promotion strategy of a brand is successful.

Unique Ideas for Advertising in Public Places

For those of you who need references on how to advertise in various public places with creative ideas, take a look at some of the following interesting promotions:

1. The Bottle-Shaped Building

Who does not know Coca-Cola products, in their home country it turns out that this beverage company has a large bottle in the form of a building. Instead of just being a decoration, the giant bottle turned out to be one of the most functional parts of the building.

2. Truck Shaped Chocolate Bar

Never before imagined that a truck could become such a lucrative advertising medium. The elongated shape similar to a chocolate can be modified to look like a chocolate that has just been removed from its packaging with maximum texture detail.

3. Zebra Cross Fries

The long strips of french fries can be arranged into a zebra cross or a unique crosswalk. Tools like this can be found outside Indonesia, but in the future it is possible for you to be the pioneer of this kind of promotion strategy.

4. Large Outdoor Glasses

The next advertising technique that is no less interesting than a large bottle is a large outdoor glass. By participating in completing a large glass with an identical design to a product, everyone will immediately know that the existence of the glass is an advertisement.

5. Crocodiles on the escalator

One cable channel that some people are very interested in is wildlife shows. To promote the event, apply the idea of ​​a crocodile as if it was released and ready to prey on anyone under the escalator so you have to rush up to the top.

The way of promoting an event seems quite extreme, but it can’t be ignored the attractive side of the advertisement. Even more often discussed means that the marketing strategy has won attention.

It is not only videotron Jakarta that presents an interesting side to market a product. Various alternative media to promote certain brands and products and services can also be used as much as possible as long as it falls into the right hands.

Getting the Best Service

One of the keys that makes a means of advertising a product or brand successful is the service that does it. The more professional a service is, the more attractive the ad will appear. The most important thing is the success of the promotion in attracting customers.

Services with friendly communication and easy for consultation are very important to consider. Because when you as a client who needs promotional media, of course you don’t want to do it half-way, moreover, this step is an advantage.

As a first step to introduce a product, let alone a company brand, it certainly takes maximum effort. So that in this case the related services must also be experienced in dealing with several types of clients. The more experience, the better.

Testimonials from previous customers can also be used as a reference. If the customer is concerned with providing a satisfaction rating for the services provided, then you also have the potential to receive that satisfaction. The availability of many services is also important.

The more choices of advertising media variations, the better because you can adjust it according to your needs. The installation of several promotional locations, such as on roads, buildings, transportation, to public places, must be tailored to the target audience.

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