Media advertising is broadly divided into two groups, namely Above The Line advertisements such as television, billboards, radio, print ads and Below The Line such as Public Relations, Search Engines, and Social Media. Creativity in advertising can be done in any media, but in general it is often found in OOH advertising. OOH advertising media that are commonly used are static billboards and LED Videotron or DOOH. The presence of digitalization in outdoor advertising makes it easier to implement ideas in advertising, at first it was not possible, with the help of DOOH it will be very possible to do.

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Many brands are now expressing their advertisements in unique and attention-grabbing ways by using DOOH or LED Videotron. Last year, before the spread of the covid-19 virus, Nescafe China made creative advertisements through this OOH advertising medium.

They use DOOH as an interactive advertising facility by providing games on a videotron screen embedded with AR technology to control the movement of game participants. The game is that participants are visualized on the screen as Nescafe packaging bottles and participants must stand five meters from the screen and then have to move to the right and left following the falling water to enter the bottle. Each drop of water that makes it into the bottle will be worth points, and the points can be exchanged for drinks available in the vending machine.

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This advertisement or campaign was carried out at the Shanghai Metro Station. People were seen passing by and participants were very enthusiastic about the presence of this interactive game. There have not been many campaigns like this in Indonesia, of course this is a good opportunity to be implemented in Indonesia. We are MediaMove, as an advertising service provider with many premium outdoor advertising locations can make your dreams come true in creating these creative and interactive advertisements, you can follow our social media accounts or can contact us at 0813-1301-0116 for further questions.


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