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Just counting the days, the year 2020 which has a lot of unrest and sad stories will end soon. It seems that we all strongly agree that 2020 is filled with ordeals, with the Covid-19 virus outbreak making almost all sectors in a state of decline until all activities are restricted. The year is ending soon, making all the complaints and hopes climbed by many people, including by tweeting it. Twitter ended the year by launching an OOH campaign with the concept of “Tweeting Through the Pain”, which means overcoming the pain experienced by tweeting it. Twitter chooses real, humorous tweets for the bitterness that has occurred this year. There are at least six million tweets that talk about 2020.

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Robin Tilotta, Twitter Marketing Director, said “considering everything that happened this year, we are very excited to amplify the humor and frivolity that people bring to Twitter”. Robin continued, “This is a tweet that connects and elevates us, and we hope people join us in celebrating the end of 2020.”

It can be seen in the pictures, the tweets on display range from the common man to celebrities like Dionne Warwick. Twitter spokesmen said they chose tweets from a variety of people who chose comedy as a way of dealing with 2020 bitterness. Twitter is trying to show people who chose to bring joy to Twitter’s social media during a challenging year.

The campaign will be installed at 49 OOH locations until December 28 and Twitter will also use other advertising media such as newsstands and bus stops on December 31.



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