It can be said, now Twitter is back to being the best medium for building marketing or communication for a business. Plus, Twitter is currently developing its marketing strategy in the form of Out of Home Advertising. So, what is the impact on Twitter campaign trends with OOH Advertising?

OOH (Out of Home) Advertising itself is a great campaign. Out of Home is a type of advertising targeting people who are outside the home.

You can find OOH advertising in the form of public facilities, billboards, and many others.

Why Are There Now Many Twitter Campaigns with OOH Advertising?

As technology develops, there will also be various ways to run a marketing strategy. What’s more, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that never ends as it is today, marketers must find a strategy on how to use traditional methods of marketing and change to using digital marketing. Well, one way you can do that is by using a digital Out of Home (OOH) Advertising strategy.

As mentioned earlier, Out of Home Advertising is a medium used to advertise outside the home. Where the media can reach the audience (consumers) when they are outside their homes.

This medium is often a promising alternative, because advertisers can take advantage of the creative opportunities available to create messages outdoors. The message is made as unique as possible and memorable for the reach of their consumers.

Therefore, although digital media and TV also experienced an increase, it was still relatively high. However, Out of Home Advertising can be an alternative that can be packaged with an interesting concept, so that it can reach target consumers.

Now this is starting a lot of advertising or campaigns through Out of Home Advertising carried out by a number of brands. They also get enthusiasm from the community massively through a number of media during this pandemic. This also applies to Twitter.

Twitter Starts OOH Campaign Featuring Celebrity Affirmation Tweets

Recently, Twitter launched an Out of Home Advertising campaign by showing tweets containing affirmations of celebrities. This Twitter campaign with OOH advertising took place in eight cities in Canada and the United States.

They see billboards featuring tweets from celebrities. The celebrity revealed what his dreams were before their dreams were achieved.

The social network says more than 39 billboards in cities including Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Huston and Chicago have been unveiled. Mostly in the hometown of celebrities whose tweets are featured.

Twitter will donate nearly $1 million earmarked to non-profit organizations voted for by celebrities on their behalf. Including Boys and Girls Club, Destination Crenshaw, The 3D Foundation, and Unicef ​​Canada.

The social network also says that there have been approximately 59 million tweets about the manifestation over the past 3 years. Through tweets related to the topic, which is doubling in 2021 compared to 2020.

Personality and on-air entertainment journalist Gia Peppers highlights more manifestation tweets from celebrities as well as ordinary people on Twitter.

Effectiveness of Out of Home Advertising in Twitter Campaigns

Looking at the case above, you can see where a unique way of doing marketing often gets more attention from the public.

This is because people feel tired of the repetitive and predictable forms of marketing. Thus, the use of advertising strategies in the form of Out of Home Advertising can be one of the media that can be created when doing marketing activities.

Twitter campaigns with OOH advertising are considered more effective. With the same goal of conveying messages to consumers as well as providing information to people. Twitter campaigns can be delivered with various concepts. Through a unique and different concept, the public will give a more positive response and attention because the marketing strategy is interesting.

The rising popularity of Out of Home Advertising is a sign that advertisers can reach places that were previously unreachable. Out of Home Advertising is the right place to develop creativity in the advertising field. With a large scale and also add space has a big impact that really helps your creativity to develop more.

With the increasing number of media used for marketing strategies, Twitter also uses advertising media that is currently popular, namely Out of Home Advertising. This Twitter campaign with OOH Advertising was started by eight countries in the US and Canada in a unique way, namely by displaying tweets in the form of affirmations from celebrities.


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