Recently, the use of Billboard and Videotron for a surprise or expression is trending among Indonesian artists and celebrities. As we discussed in the previous article, at least Billy Syahputra and Tom Liwafa were recorded using Out of Home advertising to give a birthday greeting to their lover. On Tuesday (8/12), the RCTI’s Silet team chose and visited MediaMove as a representative for OOH advertising management to answer questions about this trending phenomenon.

Source: Youtube RCTI

Meeting with the CEO of MediaMove, Putra Fajar, the Silet team asked several questions regarding the technicalities of renting a billboard or videotron for personal (non-commercial) purposes and how much it costs to rent a billboard or videotron.

Answering questions about rental technicalities, Putra Fajar explained that the technical applications for billboard or videotron rentals are easy to do. The ordering party only needs to contact the Agency, and everything will be handled by the Agency.

The problem for the customization itself is such as broadcast requests at a certain time, Putra Fajar explained that most OOH advertising media are static (billboards / billboards) and LEDs (videotron). In videotron, it is possible for certain requests, such as airing at a certain time and changing content designs. Whereas on static media, for special requests like the one above it will take a long time because the content needs to be printed and then reinstalled.

Putra Fajar continued that the price for renting an outdoor advertising media depends on the need for when and for how long the advertisement is installed. The faster the rental duration, then the vehicle is not in busy hours, and the less strategic location, the cheaper the rental price will be and vice versa.

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Like the location chosen by Billy Syahputra, the videotron in the Sudirman premium area can spend tens to tens of millions of rupiah per day. For the opportunity of this interview, MediaMove also thanks to Silet team for choosing and entrusting MediaMove as a representative for the OOH Advertising Agency. You can watch the interview footage at Here.

For those of you who intend to do the same things as the artists and celebrities above but are worried about the funds needed, take it easy. MediaMove has several premium locations at the best prices for you, such as the Senayan Monorail Pillar Neon Box, the LED Triangle CPI Makassar, and the LED Bogor Kujang Ornament. You can call us at 0813-1311-0116 or you can follow our social media to find out about the world around OOH advertising.


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