An LED Videotron in Jakarta showing Traveloka Epic Sale advertisement has received public attention. This LED is located at the intersection of Jl. RS. Fatmawati Raya, South Jakarta. On November 5-11, Online Travel Agency (OTA) Traveloka held a massive discount with the theme “Traveloka Epic Sale”. During this period, discounts on hotel bookings, planes, vacation tickets and meals are given every day through Live Streaming.

Unmitigated, the discount given is almost half the price of the normal price, even the price of hotel rooms and flight tickets, which originally had millions, only became hundreds of thousands. This discount campaign certainly attracted the attention of the public and droves of people who followed it.

However, no matter how much enthusiasm is obtained, a brand must still advertise it to get even greater reach. Including Traveloka, the Traveloka Epic Sale discount campaign is massively advertised on various platforms, including LED Videotron, South Jakarta.

Sumber :

Instead of creating a visual advertisement or graphic design as in general, Traveloka chose to display an email “screenshot” about their campaign. The ads that are displayed are very “simple”, namely by displaying a Gmail Inbox page containing an email from the traveloka team regarding the advertising poster material and a description on the body email to the reader.

Sumber :

The email Inbox display contains some main information about the advertising message, namely 80% discount, Epic Hour and Guest Star Traveloka Live. Even though the display is cut off so that the information is not completely intact, on the other hand, the truncated information leads individual readers to find out more about Traveloka Epic Sale.

Usually you see the email display with a smartphone or laptop screen, but suddenly the gmail page is displayed as big as a 12m x 6m videotron screen, of course it can catch the eye of anyone who sees it. Thanks to the “simple” advertising concept, traveloka has received a lot of praise from netizens for its simple advertising message, easy to remember and digestible by readers.

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