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Towards the turn of the year, several brands carried out various campaigns related to resolutions and hopes for the year 2021. Briefly, like what Twitter has done, Traveloka uses outdoor advertising media to display their campaigns in the form of tweet resolutions from various people.

Quoted from the Instagram account upload, Folkative, the tweets displayed by Traveloka are not only one but quite a lot. In the uploaded comments column, many confirm and write down their respective hopes.

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“2021 want to have busy friends but always on the weekend, Aamiin first, #TravelokaKemudian” @badrutam

“Can you see, in 2021 there will be more place names. Stay first, #TravelokaKemudian ”@pangesstika

“Hopefully in 2021 you can stay at the hotel, just show you don’t need to see the price first 😎, Aamiin first, #TravelokaKemudian” @usaisudahhh

“Bismillah, hopefully in 2021 I will meet my mate, continue to get married, galupa honeymoon. Search for hotels on Traveloka, first visit #TravelokaKemudian ”@BettyBeeeeeeeee

Some of the tweets shown by Traveloka on videotron.

Besides being uploaded by Folkative, the JktGo Instagram account also uploaded a videotron photo showing the Traveloka campaign. It is known from the photo in the upload that the videotron is located on Jl. Asia Africa, Entrance to Senayan City, Central Jakarta and at Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio, Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta.

A few days ago, Twitter also campaigned for the 2021 hopeful tweet by displaying it on Videotron at several points. At first glance, what Traveloka has done seems to have the same concept as that of Twitter.

However, using tweets as an outdoor advertising concept is not new, several other brands have also used tweets as an advertising concept, such as Pegi-Pegi, which he did earlier last year.

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