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Not a few, we often hear the news of someone who is given a greeting through the billboard. Lately this phenomenon has been repeated, a woman went viral for the outpouring of her heart knowing her face was plastered on a large billboard. He did not expect to get a birthday greeting like that.

The video uploaded on TikTok with the account name @januritaa is viral because of the outpouring of her heart. In the 38-second content, the woman was in the car and was shocked to the point that she was embarrassed after finding that her face was plastered on a large billboard.

It is known from the contents of the comment’s column, the billboard is in Batam or more precisely at Orchard Park Batam. The woman wrote in her video “I can’t say anything”, indicating that she was very surprised by the surprise from her friend. It can be seen in the content that the billboard contains birthday wishes for her.

Birthday greetings on Billboard Batam. Source:

In the video, this woman admits that previously she had made a wish in front of her friends so that she would be given the same surprise as Ananda Manopo on her birthday. Indeed, some time ago when Ananda Manopo’s birthday, she was surprised by her lover (Billy Saputra) a birthday greeting to LED Videotron in the Sudirman area, Jakarta.

Even though this woman also admitted that it was just a joke, who might know that billboard rental is also not cheap. But it turned out that her friends granted the request secretly and gave the surprise until finally it left her speechless.

Even in this content, this woman looks embarrassed and so happy to find the surprise she hoped for even though it is just a joke. Even at the beginning of the video, she said she gave up joking with the sultan. “I’ll never want to joke again with sultan, I will never” said Janurita. The word sultan himself is now often referred to as people who have abundant wealth who can buy and do anything for their pleasure.

viral in billboard
Woman in birthday shock on billboard. Source:

Throughout the video, Janurita laughs so badly that she is embarrassed by the moment. The video uploaded on TikTok in her personal account immediately went viral and entered the For Your Page feature. Until now, the content uploaded on January 17, 2021 has been watched by 2.9 million viewers and received 300 thousand more likes.

Currently, saying a birthday through outdoor advertising has become a hype for certain people. It is not uncommon for the artist fan community to rent billboards and LED to wish their idol a birthday. This method is considered more attractive and anti-mainstream and can get more attention from their idols.


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