Old SMS Ad Type Reg Primbon. Source : Youtube.com

Do you still remember the primbon prediction that was sent via SMS by typing reg spacing the keyword and then sending it to the four-digit number? If so, congratulations, you have experienced the glory of the Premium SMS service. In fact, this service is an SMS-based digital advertisement whose current state has been slowly extinct and is ending its glory.

About a decade ago, the world of television and mobile phones exploded with digital advertisements based on premium SMS services. Premium SMS allows its users to get the latest information, zodiac forecasts, sweepstakes, get personal dial tones and choose favorite participants who appear on competition shows on television.

It turns out that this Premium SMS service is considered a digital advertisement but is based on SMS or MMS. In fact, digital advertising is slowly decreasing and ending its glory. Heru Sutadi, the Executive Director of the ICT Institute, believes that the triumph of this digital advertising is over.

Unreg, SMS pop up, to fraudulent SMS. Source : Detik, Reddit, NandaHero

Based on data compiled by Bisnis, the peak of the glory of SMS-based digital advertising was in 2011 in line with the high premium SMS service. Cellular operators can even reap a profit of Rp. 3 to Rp. 4 billion rupiah or 7% of total revenue.

Holding on for some time, according to Heru, this digital advertisement is fading due to the many cases of credit suction. Along with the issuance of SE No. 117/2011 by the Indonesian Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (BRTI) regarding the termination of premium SMS services. Services like this will be terminated except for banking purposes, emergency calls, as well as sending passwords which still rely heavily on SMS service features.

According to Heru, this digital advertising is increasingly underdeveloped and has triggered widespread use of fraud. It is undeniable, fraud based on SMS services or digital advertising like that has recorded various cases of fraud in this country. In addition, the factor of not developing this digital advertising is due to the changing orientation of society towards other digital services such as social media.

Indonesian Social Media User Survey January 2019. Source : Hootsuite We Are Social

“Internet-based advertising and applications are very large and will continue to grow. If it is based on SMS or MMS there is no hope and it tends to go down in a sunset,” said Heru. Based on the We Are Social survey in January 2019, it shows that active social media users in Indonesia are 56% of the population. The massive movement of the community towards social media has made the SMS service-based digital advertising service abandoned. In addition, advertisers are also more interested in targeted advertisements that allow their products to appear on certain applications or sites rather than being directed to certain number phone.

This digital advertising that requires 2G networks has also made operators begin to reduce the growth of 2G BTS (Base Tranceive Station) in various regions and further encourage 4G BTS. Provider Indosat is the biggest in reducing the number of 2G BTS to deactivate 4,126 2G BTS.

BTS Tower 2G. Source : liputan6, itworks.id

Then what about non-digital advertising services like Billboard currently? Advertising using billboards is certainly not as easy and cheap as digital advertising such as premium SMS services or social media. Historically, the dominance of billboard advertising has been used by many brands which of course have large funds to advertise.

Admittedly, the presence of social media has had quite an effect on other advertising media such as newspapers, television, radio, and billboards. The decline was most pronounced in print advertising media, even digitization has made many print media transform into online media.

Billboard, or widely known as outdoor advertising, is currently said to be quite competitive with digital advertising. Especially in the past year, there has been a significant decrease in interest in outdoor advertising media due to the Covid-19 pandemic. All activities carried out in the house make the streets empty and have an impact on outdoor advertising spending.

Billboard Arief Muhammad (poconggg), Deddy Corbuzier, and Pak Muh. Source : Diadona.id, Pikiran Rakyat, Instagram.com/fadiljaidi

However, along with that, creativity emerged and made the value of outdoor advertising media improve again. Many phenomena have occurred and have raised the value of billboards, such as the viral billboards of Arief Muhammad, Deddy Corbuzier, Pak Muh (Fadil Jaidi’s father), Billy Saputra and others. This phenomenon that occurs also indicates a shift in meaning that now outdoor advertising media is not only for big brands but also allows for individual rental.

The LED Videotron Ornament Kujang Bogor and the LED Triangle CPI Makassar itself had the opportunity to be an advertisement for KPOP fans for their idol Jimin BTS birthday. When the broadcast day took place, meet, and greet the fans at the location and reap their own excitement for them.

Pandji talks about billboards. Source : Youtube Pandji Pragiwaksono

Even Pandji Pragiwaksono in his Youtube content uploaded last November said that Billboard is not dead, but we as advertisers must know how to use it appropriately. It is evident that some of the people mentioned above got tremendous reachment from their promotions on Billboard. This indicates that Billboard is still competing with digital media as an effective advertising medium in reaching their advertising targets.

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