Various brands need to think hard to set the right video advertising strategy. So that it is more leverage in creating content in out-of-home (VOOH) videos. The reason is that video advertising is currently an underused method, even though the media is very valuable.

Now a brand has a tremendous opportunity to build stories using video in new environments, especially OOH. Consumers have apparently experienced digital burnout in the last half year or so. In fact they prefer streaming.

As most people continue to enjoy life outside the home, the potential of OOH videos is gaining attention. If you compare it before the pandemic, the use of 45% OOh videos is much more.

This is certainly a great opportunity for brands to get a lot of experience. It can even attract the attention of audiences in public places that are starting to open. Considering the digital screen at OOH is now increasingly interesting.

VOOH as an Alternative or Complementary?

In smartphones and in the family, video has been around for a long time. But in the real world there is not much to offer. Yet the potential of OOH video offers a lot of capabilities.

This includes a wider reach than television. Even brand safety will be better if you compare it to online videos. Because the OOH video has been equipped with various capabilities. Among other things, the targeting and measurement that digital advertising has provided.

According to the results of the recent Prosper Insights and Analysis Survey, nearly 50% of adults over the age of 18 have plans to attend a large-scale event while the Covid-19 vaccine continues to be available. For example, festivals, sporting events, concerts, and others.

The emergence of these audiences is an opportunity or potential for OHH videos to reach consumers in public places. Thus they are easier to target. VOOH is able to reach audiences and compete with other forms of media for a cohesive omni-channel approach.

Challenges Faced by OOH-Related Content Creators

By and large, OOH is not a content medium. However, this reality has changed, especially in the past year. When the OOH screen displays important information about Covid-19 to the public.

With the launch of LinkNYC, many people have realized that large-scale digital deployment in strategic places such as roadside has provided opportunities for the potential of OOH video. Not only that, it is a big responsibility to provide useful information to the public.

Since then, many have programmed cities across the country using content regularly switching to other channels. Ranging from weather info, local events, to public art. This provides benefits to pedestrians or people who pass through it.

Moreover, the potential of OOH video is much more attractive to consumers. Even for some brands that take advantage, being VOOH is valuable.

Advertising media without audio will be difficult to attract the attention of consumers. But the increasing use of closed captioning on social platforms will provide the opportunity to display videos that are more lively. Even real-size VOOH is not available in other formats. So many video content creators to introduce brands prefer VOOH. The audience’s attention span is about 8 seconds, so the potential for onscreen OOH videos is to show short, engaging content.

Building Interesting Stories Using VOOH

Most adults look forward to vacations or visiting favorite places after the pandemic is over. This gives the brand the opportunity to take part everywhere. The potential of OOH video can spread in city centers, shopping malls, airports, and anywhere else. VOOH is the best and most effective network than other media.

VOOH is not just content, it delivers real-world results. Recent advances in technology and location data are more scalable and targeted than other advertising avenues.

In the measurement section, the VOOH campaign measures KPO in all aspects. These include increased visitor traffic, increased brand awareness, and increased app downloads in online purchases.

You can measure the potential of an effective OOH video in the same way as in mobile or online advertising. The great potential of outdoor video will be the main attraction. This is likely to be one of the best ways for the industry to progress in the future as it emerges from the pandemic.



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