Jenis-Jenis Media Luar Ruangan Yang Paling Polular

The most popular types of outdoor media commonly used by #MediaMove

1. Billboard

Billboard is the most popular media were used to communicate, promotion, ads and giving any information for public concerns. Billboard is suitable used for branding . But, the most importance is about the placement of the billboard itself.

2. Banner

Banner is a range of fabric containing news, information, propaganda, and tagline. Furthermore, some of banner also used by the corporation for promoting their corporate activity or events be run by them or promoting their new product.

3. Poster

Simply put, posters can be interpreted as a graphic design work that contains pictures and letters applied to a paper or print media. In order to attract people’s interest to see, usually posters use strong and striking colors. In addition, posters are often pasted on flat surfaces such as walls or walls.

4. Neon Box

Neon boxes is outdoor media which utilize flexy backlite digital printing, cutting sticker and acrylic media. Some advertisers who use neon boxes as promotional media is because at night neon boxes can light up and be more attractive when seen by the public.

5. Video Tron

Videotron is a form of digital advertising that is equipped with movement in visual images. Videtron is often also called the megatron, which is used by the advertisers to display various products with placements at various strategic points of the big city.

6. Wall Painting

Wall painting is often used by many company to promoted their product and brand. With a narrow location to place advertisement media especially large ones, making wall painting an alternative outdoor media.


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