Unlike in previous years, the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020 has made outdoor advertising almost devoid of enthusiasts throughout the year. This condition has become a challenge for several brands and creative industries to serve unique outdoor advertisements that attract attention. Many activities that can only be done from the house make the road quite quiet, creativity is also tested to create creative and attractive outdoor advertisements. Following MediaMove has summarized some of the most creative outdoor advertising in 2020, including:

Aqua: Don’t Want to Be Seen

At the beginning of the spread of the Covid-19 virus in Indonesia, several activities had to be carried out from home. Supporting this, Aqua created a creative billboard ad with the headline of the ad you do not want to see. Not only Aqua, several other brands such as OVO also enlivened advertisements like this.

Source: IDN.Times
Deddy Corbuzier: Have you watched Podcast?

Youtube Channel Ads on Billboard and Videotron, why not? That is what Deddy Corbuzier did, who advertised his Youtube Channel. The ad that Deddy put up even started an advertising “war” with his best friend, Ivan Gunawan. Even Deddy Corbuzier hired a running videotron to follow Ivan to watch to his Youtube Podcast.

Source: instagram.com/mastercorbuzier
Arief Muhammad: Ready to Become No. 1

His closeness to his followers made all Arief Muhammad’s actions monitored. Arief placed a billboard ad in Tangerang with a concept such as running for election. Followers to celebrities who passed through the billboards even flocked to upload them on their social media while saying prayers until they did not believe. It was later discovered that the billboard was part of his men’s fashion brand campaign.

Source: Instagram.com/tasyafarasya
Compass: Doesn’t Pass Sensor

Compass, a shoe made by Indonesian, collaborates with Japanese streetwear FR2. The concept of the advertisement shown is creative, the big headline “this ad does not pass the censorship” with a striking yellow base color makes passers-by curious. This advertisement was posted at several videotron points to polish a series of MRT cars and their stations.

Source: Instagram.com/folkative
Traveloka: Email Template

Who would not have thought, the Gmail display, which is usually the size of a Smartphone or Laptop, suddenly appeared on a large videotron. That is the creative advertising concept that was aired by Traveloka during the Traveloka Epic Sale moment last November. Looks like a bug or an accident, many people also capture the moment and upload it on social media.

Source: Instagram.com/folkative

Those are some of the most creative outdoor advertising in 2020 according to MediaMove, what do you think, very creative right? MediaMove has several premium location points at the best prices for you, prepare your creative outdoor advertising for 2021. You can contact us at 0813-1301-0116 for further interactions and you can also follow our social media accounts to find out about the world of advertising.


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