Street Hubs is a general advertising totem offering found in all UK cities. Then it’s available globally by partnership. The location of the telephone box numbered up to tens of thousands by combining various data sources. Everyone who passed by would definitely not miss to see it.

Street Hubs Advertising Panels in the UK’s Major City Centers

Source Photo :  Annabel Mizen Linkedin

The digital screens on the streets of British cities are more than just advertising panels. Because, if someone is having trouble in this big city, then Street Hubs can save your life.

The topic of safety for women and the protection of vulnerable people has become news that is often heard. However, there are security features via built-in phone and code words. It is for help at the club or bar.

It seems that people outside the industry are not aware of this advertising panel yet. Even most of them have not been able to use it. After all, Street Hubs have been around for years.

Interestingly, there are a number of advanced features that anyone can access. Of course it is still related to the vulnerable scenario. Here are the features of the advertising panel you need to know about:

1. Inbuilt Emergency Service Button

Street Hubs have an inbuilt emergency services button that will direct you via 999. You only need to press the button twice.

2. Free Device Charging

The advantage of the features found in the next advertising panel is that there is fast device charging via the USB port which is free to use for free. Just bring your USB charger with you.

After that, take advantage of the USB port if you find yourself running out of battery power. The reason is that you will not be able to contact relatives for help because there is no access to a smartphone. So look for one of the Street Hubs and then immediately connect.

3. Providing Street Lighting

The digital advertising screen on the panel also provides the benefit of illuminating the surrounding area. Then provide light and the opportunity to get the attention of the public. Even when someone orders a taxi, the lighting from this ad panel will be very helpful.

4. Free Internet

The cell phone you carry can be directly connected to the panel for free internet. This is certainly very beneficial for anyone when it is difficult to get service and runs out of data.

You can even order taxis through applications or the help of friends via various social media, one of which is WhatsApp. In addition to free internet, the custom built-in Android service also provides various facilities. Examples include free phone calls, charity information, maps, and access to council services.

Importance of Ad Panel

The fact that many people experience uncomfortable and unacceptable situations that get out of control is overwhelming. The stories of women who have unpleasant stories are rarely even covered.

In fact, there are many articles and posts that preach about people who need to be wise. The issue of sexual harassment and violence from irresponsible men has become clear evidence. This can be used as an example, so you are better prepared to protect yourself.

Having someone’s intention to share experiences about this sad fact will provide many benefits. So it will try to understand Street Hubs optimally. Not only women, but anyone is also important to know. Because vulnerable situations can happen to anyone and at any time, whether it’s a man or a woman.

The presence of a pin map will make it easier for users. Because, the map will show the distribution of Street Hubs throughout the city of London.

Usually the location of the ad panel choice is in the heart of the city. Then close to retail outlets, recreation and entertainment. A central location like this can be used by consumers to take advantage of the utilities that are available free of charge.

Ad Package Benefits

For a brand, this ad panel provides an opportunity to be closer to consumers. Because there are several ad packages available. Interestingly the ads target brands, audiences and locations.

As such, Street Hubs is one platform that you can use to integrate digital poster campaigns. You do this by ordering downloads on the basis of applications, video content, and interesting entertainment.

By including broadband in each unit, dynamic advertising can provide a good market offer. Even views can change based on real-time on data triggers. For example weather, sporting events and scores, trip updates, location, daily time, and much more.

The advantages of ad panels for cities are easier communication, improved navigation, provides built-in environmental sensors, more robust and streamlined design, and provides a more memorable travel experience. While for consumers, it provides benefits in the form of map access, red button 999 for emergencies, charging devices, useful content, and free Wi-Fi connection.

For advertisers, Street Hubs are considered more flexible, prospective, and use dynamic creatives. In addition, the location of the city center becomes a profitable target, on a national scale, and supports various free services.


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