Once trending because he appeared at Indonesia Rewind 2020, Muhammad Jaidi or who is often called Pak Muh has returned to trending on various social media. Pak Muh trending because his photo appeared on a billboard advertising the bustling traffic in Bekasi. Pak Muh mostly frequent target in the content of his son, Fadil Jaidi, who is the content creator on TikTok. Always recorded secretly, invited to collab, to prank, netizens judge Fadil Jaidi is very close to his father, Pak Muh. That is the reason many netizens are happy with the content of Fadil Jaidi and Pak Muh.

Source from : Instagram Fadil Jaidi https://www.instagram.com/p/CKdYBd6jQvr/

A few days ago, Fadil Jaidi recorded and caught Pak Muh who was secretly taking Kopi Lain Hati from the refrigerator. As usual, Fadil Jaidi in the content complained that to his brother (Kak Yislam), because Pak Muh wanted to drink coffee. Pak Muh was silent and avoided the coffee being given by someone.

The content uploaded in Fadil Jaidi’s personal Instastory was immediately responded to by the tts coffee brand, Kopi Lain Hati. “Wow, sir, it turns out that you like Kopi Lain Hati, yeah. Fadil, can he be appointed as the brand ambassador for Kopi Lain Hati?” replied by Kopi Lain Hati. Fadil uploaded the reply again and reaped many positive and supportive responses from netizens to influencer friends.

Meanwhile, Fadil Jaidi also looked jealous after seeing his father’s offer to become the Brand Ambassador for Kopi Lain Hati. Fadil also tries to manipulate the same scene as his father’s humorously. It did not take long for Kopi Lain Hati Brand Awareness to start increasing, many netizens and influencers later bought Kopi Lain Hati and uploaded it on their Instagram.

Source From : Facebook kopi lain hati https://www.facebook.com/klhbungo/photos/242383264061924

The next day, Kopi Lain Hati team came to Pak Muh’s house and did a photo shoot product session. This photo shoot session also indicates that Pak Muh will truly be the Brand Ambassador for Kopi Lain Hati. Until finally the excitement returned because Pak Muh’s photo was officially displayed on the billboard as the Brand Ambassador for Kopi Lain Hati.

The Billboard advertisement that was installed near Pak Muh’s house, Jati Asih also added to the excitement that had happened before. Fadil, who knew about the news, came to the location and was shocked by his father’s advertisement which was displayed on a large billboard alongside other Brand Ambassador billboard advertisements such as Iqbal Ramadhan.

As Panji Pragiwaksono said in his YouTube advertisement regarding Billboard Ads, which must be associated with a comprehensive campaign between offline and online media, will result in a very high reach rather than simply using various media without any connection in it. The campaign conducted by Kopi Lain Hati was also very successful, had a wide reach, and conversations took place everywhere, as a result the Brand Awareness of Kopi Lain Hati sped up.

All of this started with Pak Muh who was caught, then made a campaign by Kopi Lain Hati, then many were reposted by netizens, influencers to the news media. Even at the end of January, Kopi Lain Hati has prepared a variant of the Pak Muh coffee series. The special edition coffee was sent to various influencers in advance and many knew that Pak Muh was the Brand Ambassador for Kopi Lain Hati.


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