Standard billboards need proper planning. Making this billboard construction is not arbitrary. It requires careful preparation with quality materials. This is to get a strong and sturdy billboard construction.

If it doesn’t meet the standards, shocks, rain, and large gusts of wind can knock down the billboard. What are good standards for billboard construction? Here is the review.

Appropriate and Safe Implementation of Billboard Making Standards

Last time there was a tornado in the Cirebon area in the early morning. Heavy rains and strong winds caused fallen trees, floods and billboards to fall to the detriment of the surrounding community. This happened in several points in the city of Cirebon.

This incident certainly has an influence on the smoothness of traffic and conditions around the incident. This is quite worrying and detrimental to many parties. Teams in the field are still trying to handle and evacuate fallen tree branches as well as fallen and damaged billboards.

Of course this cannot happen again. The billboard should be installed correctly and according to construction standards. The billboard installation should pay attention to the billboard design. This includes size or dimensions, presentation and construction.


Making construction requires calculations and billboard-making standards that are quite mature and cannot be careless. Especially in terms of materials must be of good quality so that the construction is strong. Such as angle iron, holo iron, 16″ or 14″ iron pipe, aluminum plate.

Durable construction certainly should not reduce the material that should be. Moreover, the main pipe that supports the important billboard uses the size of the iron pipe according to its size. In large sizes, it requires an iron pipe of adequate diameter, of course.

Construction Installation Standard

Furthermore, the aluminum plate is firmly attached to the construction so that it can withstand wind and unpredictable weather. While the angle iron is arranged transversely on the construction so that it is more sturdy and strong,

In the connection between frames according to billboard manufacturing standards so that it becomes a complete construction, it must be welded with very good accuracy. It is necessary to pay attention to all intact parts from the foundation to the finishing plate.

Foundations that conform to standards with concrete and standard depths of 1 meter to 3 meters. Everything is adjusted to the size of the billboard that is made. Especially the density of concrete must also be considered because it affects the strength.

Billboard Illumination Type

In terms of lighting type, there are 2 types, namely backlite and frontlite. Generally the frontlite is used for visual front lighting and uses some 400 watt floodlights.

While the backlite is useful for lighting from behind visually and using spotlights with a voltage of 150 watts. It is placed on a billboard construction box frame.

Billboard Size

In accordance with local regulations, it is stated that the billboard type board with a minimum free space height of 5.50 meters. While the minimum foundation depth is 1.50 meters. Especially the size of the advertising media with a maximum size of 50m2 with a vertical shape. Its size is 150 meters between one billboard and another.

The standard sizes of billboards are generally 4×8 meters, 8×16 meters, 6×12 meters and 3×12 meters. While the roadside billboard has a size of 3×2 meters. Professional billboard making services prioritize the shape, quality and materials of billboard construction.

Billboards become billboards that have large sizes and unique designs. Installation near the center of the crowd and the side of the highway. Even this billboard is installed near a red light so that it can be seen on various sides of the road.

Installation of billboards in addition to having careful planning, must be placed in a position and location that is permitted. It considers for public safety and also obeys government regulations.

The installation must not be in a government or educational office building or yard. In addition, it is also not allowed in places of worship.

Trust in Professional Billboard Making

To build trust in clients and the community, the best services prioritize quality billboard manufacturing standards and customer satisfaction. Starting from the small to large details are still considered. So as to be able to produce billboards that are strategic and safe for road users.

In addition, it provides the highest quality billboards and is protected by insurance to ensure safety for pedestrians.

The best billboard services usually ensure that advertisements are always under routine maintenance so that they are maintained and safe for long-term use.

The billboard service records in detail related to the exact location point, the size of the media built, the unique technical lighting model and its capacity.

In addition, consider the height from the ground, the height of the installation and the construction of the right frame. Prioritize working methods in accordance with the installation procedure.

The standard of making billboards must be a concern and become the main thing. The suitability and accuracy in making billboards provides benefits and minimizes losses for various parties.


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