Advertising for Gen Z is currently a public concern. Gen Z is the youngest generation and is different from millennials. Needs many ways to get their attention to buy a product.

Gen Z is a generation that is very out of the box. All of their abilities are significant enough to become home work for advertising cultivators. The reason must be able to provide its own interest.

The development of information and communication technology must be utilized optimally. This effort is important because it is one of the strategies to attract Gen Z to Tamils and participate in various things.

Advertising for Gen Z with OOH

Recently, Gen Z has become a public conversation because of the unpredictable interest. All require extra struggle because the needs and desires of Gen Z are much different from their older siblings or the millennial generation. The existence of social media is one of the things that affect this interest.

Generation Z is the largest market for buying a product. Nearly 40% of all consumers come from this gene. So it becomes one of the big tasks to continue to lure him to a product.

The great thing is that Gen Z already has a fairly high financial awareness. Most of them are able to make money independently. Even able to separate the needs of one account with another.

The most suitable advertising for Gen Z is to use OOH or Out of Home. An example is a Grab ad placed on a billboard. That’s not enough, many of them are reposting them online.

Gen Z Tricks to See Ads and Promote

In this case, Gen Z has a great opportunity to observe an advertisement. Harris Poll and OAAA have conducted a survey that the majority of consumers in the US are Gen Z with a total percentage of 67%. While 1000 people are those who are adults.

As today’s Gen Z, it is easy to remember advertisements through social media. They will share OOH ads again and spread easily through personal and group social media. Most of them have participated in using OOH ads.

Advertising for Gen Z is very decent and adequate. They not only see the ad but also take various actions. Gen Z will download various applications and make purchases via e-commerce.

The Impact of Gen Z on the Development of OOH ads

As a smart young generation will definitely have a positive impact on OOH advertising. They give Brownie points that make OOH campaign ads even more relevant. Even the content becomes contextual and provides a virtual experience around the campaign.

Nearly half of respondents to OOH ads say contextual is more interesting than regular ads. No wonder Gen Z is getting more and more interested in this model’s advertisement. As many as 82% of Gen Z stated that they did not hesitate to view advertisements in VR or AR format.

Using billboards as advertising for Gen Z is something good. Although the development of the digital world is increasing, the advertisements are easy to believe. Even most young Americans are wary of online advertising.

Using OOH advertising is a lot of fun and being able to keep up with well-programmed digital growth. Marketers are trying to more easily capitalize on the Gen Z consumer demographic. In fact, many of them are increasingly understanding today’s latest technology.

Making advertising for Gen Z is not an easy matter. Must be aware of the arrival of demographics that do not match the target. It is important for advertisers to pay attention to this.

According to a survey, 72% of Gen Z and 77% of millennials are still worried about using internet or online advertising target data. The reason is very easy to happen fraud or things that are not desirable.

Gen Z is the type of person who can’t be told. But advertisers need to be able to fit into Generation Z and be themselves. This is very beneficial for various parties in product marketing.

Advertising for Gen Z must be made as attractive as possible. They will not pay attention to what you are going to sell them. But prioritize what you will give.

The reason is that in Gen Z’s mind there is always the latest innovation that can manage all needs. Sometimes they can make a wish come true personally.

This is a challenge for the world of advertising in Indonesia. The use of OOH must continue to be maximized because it greatly influences the consumptive style of Gen Z. So it is important in creating trust in their minds.

Advertising for Gen Z with the OOH system is able to captivate their hearts. That way it can trigger the purchase of a superior product. Don’t hesitate to create OOH ads to attract Gen Z’s attention.


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