Videotron aka digital billboards or what we know call it as LED. With various types and sizes of digital signage. Some are as small as posters as they are used to display schedules and routes at bus stops. There is also a larger digital signage, such as that used to display flight departures and arrivals at airports. Digital signage with the largest size is usually in the form of electronic billboards to display advertisements. And this is already quite a lot in big cities in Indonesia and there are many points in Jakarta. MediaMove as an outdoor advertising company also has digital signage in big cities. Among others in the city of Makassar shaped Triangle (3 side view) and in Bogor City kujang-shaped ornament.

Videotron LED photo in Newyork City

Its use is similar to ordinary billboards. The difference, digital billboards is able to display the type of content that is much more diverse. Not limited to still images that are usually posted on public billboards with lighting. The type of content can be in the form of running text, a slideshow of images which alternate every few seconds. Screen technology that is used to display content on Videotron in general can be varied, depending on the vendor or client needs. Images can be displayed with an LCD, plasma or LED screen. Even some types of digital signage can be equipped speaker to issue a companion audio visual content. Or the touch screen so that people around can interact with it.

Digital signage is basically made up of components and computer screen that acts as a content player. The computer behind the scenes can be a embedded system. That is concise and integrated with the screen, or a computer with a desktop operating system, such as Linux or Windows, it can also be a mobile OS like Android. When connected to another computer system via a network cable, or an internet / cellular network. computers on a digital billboard can be remotely controlled by other devices (remote access), including in the case of displaying content on the screen. Remote access software that can facilitate this is widely available, for example, Mirabyte and TeamViewer which are used by SAR in some cases showing on videotron.

LED Display System

The use of Videotron, particularly in Indonesia, is considered to have a pretty serious security hole. Internet security experts, Ruby Alam, said the operator Videotron in Indonesia has not put IT security more important than their content. “I’ve seen that is not currently active Videotron ad content often displays information as it happens in South Jakarta, be it the operating system, applications, and information admin,” Ruby said as quoted by BBC Indonesia.

Various kinds of digital signage or LED are increasingly being used throughout the world so that they are increasingly visible in public spaces. Digital billboards can be placed stand alone on a stand (free standing / single column) or attached to a building. MediaMove, as an outdoor advertising company, currently has 36 LED dots with a unique LED display . Obviously with the CFA concept that adds value to selling the LED as well add to the beauty of city. The first LED in the Makassar CPI area with 3 view (Triangle) then in the city of Bogor. With a unique shape that resembles a Kujang weapon. Curious? Don’t hesitate to contact us immediately and advertise with MediaMove!


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