Saudi Arabia threw a party that was quite massive which caught the attention of the entire world. There is an advertisement showing that this week’s Riyadh Time Square Indoor is being held quite lavishly. Indicates that the country has opened up from modernization.

Various attractions are presented to highlight the event in order to keep attracting the attention of visitors. Of course, the event took place in the BLVD RUH City zone. The audience can see a festive event with the presence of world-class singers at the Riyadh Season 2021 event.

Source Video : Linkedin Hamad Alenizi

Riyadh Time Square Festival Indoor

The Riyadh Festival 2021 is taking place with great fanfare. There was a real enthusiasm of the people to come to the festival. Moreover, Saudi Arabia has now experienced a significant decline in Covid-19.

It’s no wonder that this festive event as well as celebrating the Covid-19 outbreak has blown away from King Salman’s country. Visitors will see a giant screen when entering the Time Square zone. This shows one of the advantages of the event.

Even the level of crowds of this festival can exceed the famous International squares such as New York’s Times Square. When visitors pass through the entrance gate, they will be distracted by a giant screen light. The screen displays the latest services, projects, some local and international brands.

The Fashion House Zone

Riyadh Time Square Indoor provides a quite interesting zone, namely The Fashion House. Showing a variety of fashion with its own elegance and beauty. In this case shows a fashion-specific workshop incubator. Of course, get special supervision from international fashion experts.

This zone also provides various shopping stores that have the best fashion from various regions. There are even restaurants and cafes that can pamper visitors to enjoy delicious culinary delights. The culinary offerings range from traditional to modern specialties.

Of course, the area is held indoors with a large giant screen. The screen size is approximately 8,000 square meters with a height of 30 meters.

Riyadh Time Square indoor is a series of events held to attract many visitors. In this case, it offers a flowing rhythm to accompany the visitors. There are streets that are squeezed by many shops or shopping stands.

Visitors can shop according to well-known brands from various regions. There are various products offered such as perfume, fashion, and so on from all over the world. This is a very interesting dish for visitors to come to this time square.

Riyadh Entertainment Season 2021

Various world-class singers were present to enliven the sizable party. Riyadh Festival Season 2021 featuring one of them is the Pitbull Rapper. The festival will be held from 27 October to 9 November.

The public did not expect that all Saudi youth including men and women would join in a cultural event of this magnitude. Reema Al Ruwaysan, who is the organizer of the MOLHIMA Group festival, said the feeling was mixed between joy and happiness seeing the enthusiasm of Saudi Arabian citizens.

Riyadh Time Square Indoor offers documentation of quite an amazing moment. All recorded with multiple cameras and drones. In this case, it also provides live streaming through media in various countries.

Entrance ticket

Riyadh Saudi Arabia brings many people to enjoy a very amazing entertainment. Of course there is a separate ticket price to be able to attend the event. Online ticket sales set a price of US $ 10.60 or the equivalent of Rp 150 thousand.

Tickets are quite cheap deliberately given to attract many visitors. They can see a variety of interesting treats after entering it. Various interesting sights can be seen such as landmarks, markets, and folklore.

In addition, all visitors can enjoy concerts from various world famous singers. Even this year’s festival shows a very remarkable first achievement. There were approximately 750 thousand visitors who attended this festival. Not only offline, Saudi Arabia provides live broadcasts from various television channels.

Bring in Famous Rapper

This Riyadh Time Square Indoor presents the world’s leading rappers. In addition to the Pitbull mentioned above, there is also The Undertaker. Pitbull’s response to the concert was very happy because it could fill the opening of the riyadh.

Even the rapper also felt that there were so many spectators that they filled the venue throughout the party. So that enough to make the singers feel appreciated. The event was more lively and fun.

In this case, visitors are very impressed with the implementation of Riyadh Season 2021. Very high hopes that Saudi Arabia will continue to embrace the modernization culture without being an introverted country.

There are 2760 drones that recorded the opening of Riyadh Saudi Arabia taking pictures of King Salman and his staff. Everyone participates to make the festival a success.

The total area of ​​the RUH Citu BLDV zone is estimated at 90,000 square meters. Certainly bigger than the 2019 Riyadh Season. The Riyadh Time Square Indoor also provides adequate parking.


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