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There are many elements that need to be considered in ad planning, ad creation, and ad serving. One of the most important in the ad serving process is the element of repetition. Repetition is the number regular viewing of advertising to readers or viewers, with the hope that they can understand and remember the advertising message shown.

Like on television advertisements, we may have seen an ad that is displayed repeatedly in a row. This indicates the importance of repetition so that the message that the advertiser wants to convey reaches the mind of the advertising message recipient. Likewise, what happens to outdoor advertising media, the more advertisements appear on videotron or the more locations for billboard ads, the better the repetition.

Moreover, the conditions that occur in outdoor advertising are of course different in difficulty with the conditions of indoor advertising. In the conditions in the room conditions tend to be conducive and there is rarely much noise, so that the opportunity for audience attention to the advertisement is higher. Even in normal circumstances it seems like we are willing to accept advertisements because we are using media that does contain advertisements. Like watching television shows, of course, there are commercial ad sessions and playing social media, which often appear as advertisements.

Not Conducive Conditions on the Highway.,

However, in outdoor conditions, advertising is not easy to see because there is a lot of noise that results from the unfavorable atmosphere. Many road users are distracted or focused on their respective goals, such as some who focus on waiting for the traffic lights, some choose to play the phone, some focus on crossing the road, and so on. Therefore, getting the attention of road users is a top priority in outdoor advertising.

That is why we often see and hear about unique and creative outdoor advertisements. Because basically the ad is trying to be the center of attention in the middle of the noise on the road. But in fact, packaging outdoor advertising in a unique way is not easy to apply, even unique advertisements do not guarantee to be the center of attention because of their low repetition. Of course, to overcome these obstacles, high repetition is required for an outdoor advertising.

LED Videotron Ornaments for Kujang Bogor. Source: Mediamove

Mediamove answers these concerns with the presence of a series of LED Videotron Kujang Ornaments located on Jl. Raya Padjajaran, Bogor, West Java. LED Videotron with a series of concepts like this we usually encounter can amount to four to 10 LEDs. However, the LED Videotron Ornament Kujang has 15 Videotron LEDs with a size of 1.5m x 3m which are lined up along Jl. Raya Pajajaran, starting from RS. Siloam to Botani Square.

The resulting repetition will of course be very high, considering that the Videotron LED is installed 500m long. The location is also very premium, close to the Mall, Hospital to the Bogor State Palace. This makes this road traversed by road users who even touch hundreds of thousands of vehicles daily, because this road is also the usual access for tourists going to the Peak and this road applies a one-way system.

The LED Ornament Kujang Videotron displays 432 impressions for one slot a day and displays as many as 15 LEDs, so of course the resulting impressions and repetitions will be very good. The presence of 15 LEDs along the road also increases the advertising opportunity to be noticed by road users. However, above the high repetition of an advertising medium, a unique, easy-to-understand, and attractive creative is still needed to generate purchasing power and achieve the goals in advertising itself.

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