Raisa’s face in Times Square adds to the excitement of Indonesian musicians. Because the photo of the beautiful woman born in Indonesia has spread all over the world. A public figure who skyrocketed because of the song title “Kali Kedua” managed to become a promo model for Equal Spotify.

Not only famous in Indonesia, her beautiful face is now famous all over New York, United States. Of course it is not easy to achieve all of this. There is a struggle that must be taken until it can go a long way towards the ongoing 2021.

Raisa’s Face in Times Square for Spotify Ads

Raisa’s name as a well-known musician in the country brings quite proud news. He along with other foreign singers entered the Spotify advertising star category. Instead, Spotify has deliberately raised many famous artists and musicians to advertise its services.

Because Spotify is an application for streaming music, it is not wrong if it embraces many professional musicians. This is useful for attracting the attention of people around the world regarding Spotify. There is a more specific purpose related to the appearance of the faces of Raisa and other female singers.

Source : Raisa Instagram

Apparently this time spotify is having an idea related to the EQUAL campaign initiative. Where has the aim of honoring world women’s day. So it’s not surprising that Raisa and Lido Pimienta, a musician from Canada, and Jace Chan, a Chinese singer, have come to the fore.

Raisa’s face in Times Square signals the release in April 2021 that Spotify continues to work for women’s equality. Thus, an idea emerged to show and promote female artists and their works.

Perhaps many already know that Raisa is an Indonesian musician who has the best work. In fact, she is also an accomplished woman with a myriad of awards. No wonder he deserves to be a Spotify ad promotion.

Becoming Indonesian Women’s Representative

Not only Raisa whose face is plastered on a large billboard. The names of other foreign singers were also dragged along. In this case, there are NIKI, Reese Lansangan, Jasmine Sooko and Violette Wautier.

They are people who have appeared in this campaign. There is even a young singer named Nadin Amizah who has also been plastered in Times Square, New York.

Because Raisa’s face was plastered in Times Square, she was very grateful. Considering that she is the representative of Indonesian women. In fact, he also feels honored to be able to participate in international events.

He dedicates his participation to Indonesian female friends. Raisa also advised all Indonesian women not to give up. This is the right time for women to take over gender equality.

This mother of one child managed to captivate the hearts of her fans. In fact, all Indonesian people are proud to have talented artists and singers.

Get Congratulations and Compliments

Raisa’s face in Times Square received good comments from fans. In addition, there are also comrades who also congratulate Raisa. Even a row of Indonesian artists and singers are also proud of Raisa’s appearance on the international scene.

Other singers such as Melly Goeslaw, Afgan, Ario Bayu, and others also commented on Raisa’s post which showed that she was chosen as one of the representatives of Indonesian women in the Spotify advertisement. This makes him even more excited to show his career in the music world. So that Raisa’s existence will be useful for the people around her.

Just Released Song

Raisa is a person who is diligent in launching her latest song. He has just released a single titled About Yourself. The song was officially released in June 2021.

Of course, this is the third song Raisa has released this year. Previously he had released two very entertaining songs. The first is the Curse (First Love) and the second is Wednesday.

Not only that, Raisa also sang the song Bahasa Kalbu which was once popular when sung by Titi Dj. No wonder Raisa’s face in Times Square is very real. All of his prowess in the world of music has been proven long ago.

Her beautiful face displayed in Times Square makes all Indonesians feel proud. No wonder because this woman with one child has won the title of the most beautiful woman in the world according to TC Candler. He feels that this year there are many challenges to be able to rise.

But there is a special surprise that he can be famous as a Spotify ad. Raisa felt that God had given an unexpected blessing. Of course this is the path that he deserves because he has struggled for so long.

She is one of the singers who can be a role model for all Indonesian women. Considering the many achievements and positive things he has given to Indonesia.

This is the reason why Raisa’s face in Times Square can be seen clearly. Of course, Indonesia will always be proud and always support Raisa for a career.


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