The phenomenon of strong winds that occurs during the rainy season not only causes trees to fall, but even billboards also collapse due to frequent high winds. At least in the past week there have been more than three reports about the collapse of billboards because of being hit by strong winds.


Viral on social media, a video that shows the seconds of the collapse of a giant vertical billboard. In the video, the situation is indeed raining with very strong winds. The strong winds also made the billboard collapse and then hit the shop and the motorbike, this incident occurred on the southern ring road of Sukabumi City. There have been no reports of casualties or injuries related to the incident, but the losses are estimated at tens of millions of rupiah.


Not only in Sukabumi, billboards collapsed due to strong winds also occurred in Malang. There were at least two reports of collapsed billboards, on Jl. Sulfat (T-junction) and Jl. Sukarno Hatta. The billboard collapsed at the sulfat junction measuring 6×3 meters and happened around 12.30. According to reports, there were no casualties and injuries at the time of the incident due to road conditions which happened to be quiet. The collapse of the billboard resulted in a nearby blackout.


In addition, collapsed billboards also occurred in Batu City, precisely Jl. Commander Sudirman. The incident occurred in the morning around 7.40 a.m. With the condition that the billboard fell onto the road causing the road to be closed. The billboard which collapsed due to the strong winds did not result in any casualties and injuries.


In Lampung, a billboard in front of the Lampung High Court, Jl. Wolter Monginsidi was also reported to have collapsed. The billboard collapsed at noon and caused no casualties and injuries as it fell into the yard.

The four incidents of the billboard collapse were caused by strong winds that hit them. In addition to natural factors, there are also technical factors that make billboards likely to collapse, such as the age of the support poles, the billboard width that is too large and is in an area with high wind intensity, construction errors and other things.

Of course, incidents caused by nature cannot be denied and blamed. However, this can be prevented by the actions of the billboard location owners who are diligent in carrying out good maintenance and assessment. Some billboard collapse events can be caused by billboard managers who are ignorant of the billboard conditions. Of course, this can no longer happen, because the majority of billboard locations are on the side of the road where many people and vehicles pass. This neglectful behavior can harm the surrounding community and even cause casualties.

To prevent this from happening, Mediamove from an early age established itself as a pioneer in OOH advertising management that carries the concept of City Friendly Advertising (CFA). CFA is a combination of strategic outdoor advertising with high creativity and prioritizing value for society.

So that besides having a strategic location, Mediamove carries each location with a unique artistic touch and adds aesthetics. Apart from that, the choice of location and the construction of billboards and videotrons is very much considered. Not to forget that maintenance at the Mediamove location is carried out very regularly to minimize the occurrence of unwanted things.

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