While traveling, we often see an advertisement running on several parts of the bus body, some even on private cars. Some of them are mounted on the motorbike in a position like a backrest for people behind.

This kind of action is considered an advertisement or product promotion effort offline because it does not require electronic media. The target market is random because anyone who is close to the flow of the vehicle can read or just see the ad impressions.

Even in a vehicle where incidentally it is moving from one place to another, the size is so large that the sentences in it are not difficult to digest. Especially if there is a special uniqueness to make people immediately understand and grasp its meaning.

In addition to the phenomenon of advertising on public vehicles, we also often see private cars where the full body is affixed with an explanation of a product. In simple terms, we will assume that the car is none other than the car of the employees of the company concerned.

However, it turns out that there is also a mobile advertising system that provides benefits for private vehicle owners, namely by attaching stickers or the like on their car bodies. Of course, as the name implies, the vehicle must be used to walk several meters.

Public Transport Used to Advertise

Talking about public transportation as objects fitted with walking advertisements, we will find not only one type of vehicle. Some of them include:

1. Transjakarta Bus

Transjakarta buses are no longer the object of advertising for various products and services. Land transportation is always used by students so that workers become the right means for anyone to introduce their products and services.

2. Commuter Line

Apart from buses, trains also occupy a position as public transportation, favored by many people. Low fares and guaranteed barrier-free roads are added values ​​so that people want to take the train. Although not all areas have station facilities.

3. Taxi

Taxis are a type of transportation to accommodate a small number of people, but most prefer to take a taxi from the upper middle class. So that if the marketing tactic is successful, it is not impossible for the company to make big profits.

4. Online motorcycle taxi

Online motorcycle taxis or two-wheeled vehicles also turn out to be one of the media for offline advertising. You do this by installing a rather large board on the back of the motorbike seat and letting everyone read the product promotion that has been installed. Not inferior to the installation of Jakarta billboards at several points, advertising on online motorcycle taxis is also quite effective. Especially if you are busy with passenger orders.

5. Airplanes

Indonesian people who are fans of artist news must know who the Indonesian artist sultan pair is who affixes their business logo on one of Indonesia’s well-known airlines. Things like this can be done by anyone with a wider marketing reach.

Each ad running on transportation will hook different groups, from the lower class to the upper class. Starting from ordinary people traveling for work or those who deliberately take a vacation to a place using an airplane.

The Beginning of Advertising in Private Transportation

The track record of a private vehicle has also enlivened mobile advertising, starting in 2015. After previously advertising on public transportation has been implemented for the past 10 to 15 years in Indonesia.

The trend of installing information about a product on a car body actually stems from the country of Uncle Sam, the United States. It is said that at that time in 2015 a company called Wrapify invited private drivers to promote the business that Wrapify was engaged in.

Not just an invitation, but related parties give a certain amount of money or commission to the motorists who accept the offer. Of course, this trend has entered Indonesia and until now it has been 6 years, complementing the media for promoting videotron in Jakarta.

Installation of stickers on the outer body of the vehicle is not the only condition to benefit from the promotion being carried out. As the name implies, mobile advertising requires the vehicle to travel the agreed number of kilometers.

In general, it is usually agreed to have a minimum distance of 1000 to 2000 KM with a commission of approximately 30 to 40 percent. Usually money is paid once every three months with a range of benefits, depending on the amount of income you get.

Position of Sticker Installation on Vehicle

Wrapify’s move from the United States seems to be an inspiration, especially for startups that are just starting a business. The act of advertising a business through mobile advertising is the right decision because the target audience can be wider and spread from various regions in Indonesia.

Installation of stickers on the body of a car or motorbike usually has several types of forms, such as:

1. The position of the sticker attached to the outer body of the car in the proportion according to the agreement to attract wider customers.

2. You can also put up promotions on the inside of the vehicle, for example, the back of the back seat.

3. No less than Videotron Jakarta, you can also use technology in the form of a tablet that is mounted on the back of the seat back for all passengers to see.

4. Some people also rely on samples of related products to strengthen the promotions carried out when advertising on vehicles.

To become a partner or owner of a private vehicle that can be fitted with certain product promotions, the conditions are simple. Most importantly, of course, the age must be sufficient because these factors will spread to official documents, such as ownership of a driving license.

Running advertising is also intended for those who own vehicles over 2010 with certain considerations. You are required to install GPS on your cellphone because later it will be a means for advertisers to monitor the distance traveled by the driver.

Advertisers must be done professionally

The difference between promotional media in vehicles and billboards in Jakarta is the location. However, you don’t need to worry because the sticker material is friendly to all vehicle bodies, including the glass. Usually attached to glass made from one way visor.

This means that even if a running ad is attached, the driver of the car can still see the traffic situation outside the vehicle because only one layer is covered. Likewise, stickers that are attached directly to the car body are ideal.

Adjusting the type of sticker is guaranteed not to affect the quality of car paint, unless the paint is not the original car paint. The sticker installer will provide a guarantee if:

1. The pasted paint is still original.

2. The condition of the vehicle body before and after installing the sticker does not change, such as dents, scratches, scuffs, etc.

The advertising provider will not be responsible for what was previously a car shortage. Like blisters that have been a long time, of course, this will not be covered by warranty because it is not caused by sticker installation.

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