Netflix has prepared some of its newest Korean dramas. One of them is the drakor Hellbound by director Yeon Sang Ho (Train to Busan) which fans have been waiting for. The promotion of the latest Netflix series is very unique and quite grabs a lot of attention.

Hellbound presents a fairly suspenseful storyline. This latest drakor lifts the story from the webcomic and releases a trailer showing the monsters.

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Netflix Series Movie Promotion Shows Giant Monsters

In the latest poster for the Korean drama Hellbound, it shows giant black monsters chasing humans. They seemed to be running with all their might. But what happened, in the end they were injured and burned.

The promotion of Netflix series films like this is very interesting, supernatural phenomena are presented. Then shows what happened to people cursed in hell.

Hellbound sees an alternate version of Earth that has been overrun by a giant monster. The monsters are ready to drag humanity to hell. Then the story leads to the creation of a religious cult, the New Truth Society.

On the other hand, there is a detective whose ambition is to unravel the mystery. In addition, there are the leaders of the New Truth Society regarding their strongest place in the new world.

Their characters are very unique, the plot twists are amazing. This promotion features Korea’s hottest streaks and Netflix’s scenes.

The latest original series from Netflix has released a thrilling poster. The poster depicts people who are confused about supernatural events. Then the promotion of the Netflix film series revealed another side that made them feel like they were in a new world.

The text shown at the very top makes many people feel curious about the film. Yes, it reads “Was it murder or divine punishment?”

The best advertising posters convey the message concisely. Then give a little description of the content or story in it.

In the Netflix series Hellbound, depicting people who believe in religion and fight a new phenomenon. However, the belief in the community seems to be broken so that it revives another hell.

TikTok Behind Hellbound’s Popularity

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The TikTok platform is one of the most effective promotional media. Starting from food products, skincare, anime, to movies. One of the things that makes this platform a very influential promotional media is the large number of active users of the application. Interesting content will be presented briefly, including challenge, challenge, or game content.

Tiktok has an algorithm system that makes this platform a promising advertising or promotion medium. This platform also pays attention to the videos that are often watched, shared, received likes, and comments. So, the app will recommend similar content to the videos the user has watched before.

One of the promotions of the Netflix film series that has recently hit is Hellbound. Many interesting uploads that show giant monsters slaughtering humans like in the Squid Game.

Hellbound Takes First Place

Korean dramas through the promotion of the Netflix series are currently a hot topic of conversation. After Squid Game has dominated the streaming conversation for months now, a new competitor has emerged.

Netflix Hellbound promotions in Korea and Indonesia are currently popular. Everyone will definitely be surprised, because it has been thought to be a fun fantasy genre. So, it’s almost as dark as the Squid Game.

Shows through the promotion of the Netflix series are also widely uploaded in the form of videos on the TikTok application. At first glance the promotion makes anyone who sees it curious.

The promotional video triggers a very thrilling thought. The way people describe Hellbound is that it’s a must watch sequel. Fans are certainly curious about the cosmic horror puzzle.

This time of year, Hellbound has been the best thing Netflix has ever seen. This attractive promotion has attracted many people and is quite successful.

The promotion of Netflix series films is divided into a two-part structure. Each consists of three episodes. Then for the plot is well developed and the theme is also very solid.

Anyone can not wait for the full story. A successful promotion makes a film worth recommending.

The Korean drama Hellbound is at the top of the most popular TV shows. Then this drama from Netflix became a hit television program and was the most watched on streaming platforms, including in Indonesia. Because this film series is shown globally.

The series ranks at the top of most-viewed TV programs in 24 countries, including South Korea, Mexico, and Belgium. However, in countries such as the United States and Canada it ranks third.

The promotion of the Netflix series in a quite unique way has succeeded in suppressing the world’s attention. After a long time, a drama with the theme of children’s games ranks first. It is known that the latest Hellbound series will premiere in November through Netflix.


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