Jakarta as one of the business center of Indonesia becomes a potential area for advertising. Almost in every corner of the city the advertisements ranging from small sizes up for a billboard could be witnessed everywhere. This visual ad can be said to have become a daily consumption of people becoming road users of the city of Jakarta. However, have we ever realized that in visual advertisements such as billboards there are creative elements that attract the ad? Yep, this element is photography.

Definition of photography itself is an activity or process of generating an image / picture through a tool that we call the camera with the intent and purpose. The main art in a photography is composition, with a good composition that produced the photo will have a meaning and a story that could be delivered. To take pictures with a camera with satisfying or good results. There are several key element factors that play a very important role in the world of photography including lighting without light, it will be difficult to get good photos. The second factor is the photographer, this factor is also important because without the photographer the photo process will not occur. The third factor is the camera, without camera photographic process will not happen because the camera is the principal tool in photography. No need to use an expensive camera to create a work of art photography. And a good photo is relative and a bad photo is absolute. A photograph can explain a story or a strong element in the picture.

Many outstanding news is enough to make people want to know this information, as a print media journalist photographer this is a moment in the lounge. We can see from this photo that there are elements of why, how, what and who. Although there is no clear description of the place or when this event occurred. But a photograph with 3 contains enough elements of the 5 w 1 h was able to recount an incident.

And how it relates to the world of outdoor advertising?

Of course, the fundamental things that photography became closer between employers advertising with clients through a photos. Photos when clients search for or select a location diingin or reports to clients. With a composition that fits between the ad point with the road user and the circumstances around the ad media provide information and attraction so that the photo has a sale value. Make a good photo and has a weight of high art indeed a tiring job, but must understand the various techniques in photography, we should also be able to take a role in directing the objects that can be objects or people into a situation that we want to be able to produce images in accordance with the creation of what we want.


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