pegi pegi iklan billboard,

Not only once or twice, Pegi Pegi packs billboard advertisements in a unique way. In early 2020, Pegi – Pegi created advertisements by packaging them like a tweet. The ad was then reuploaded by many comedy social media accounts and became a funny conversation by netizens. It is known from the scattered photos that the advertisement was installed in two locations, Chiampelas, Bandung and Pondok Indah Underpass, Jakarta. For example, in the tweet “So crowded, no one wants vacation?” in the photo, it seems that they are teasing road users who are stuck in traffic due to work.

A few days ago, through @pergijauh’s instastory, he took a photo of a billboard with a unique Pegi Pegi ad. The owner of Instagram, Gofar Hilman, who is familiarly known as a radio broadcaster. Wrote in his Instastory, “Isn’t this the discount writing not too big? @pegi_pegi “. the sentence was like Gofar’s subtle sarcasm to Pegi – Pegi.

Seen in the photo, the advertising design that Pegi Pegi put on the billboard is bigger and not proportional to the size of the billboard itself. As a result, the message in the advertisement was partially folded / cut off and attracted the attention of road users, including Gofar Hilman himself.

Regardless of the uniqueness of how to deliver the advertisement, is the advertisement deliberate or accidental? Yes, it is almost certain that the advertisement with a design that is wider than the size of the billboard is done on purpose with the intention of getting the attention of road users.

In addition, the installation looks intentional because some of the main information in the advertisement is still conveyed and seen properly. In fact client should also know and be notified by the billboard Agency about the size of the billboard to be used. So that it seems impossible for Pegi Pegi to accidentally print an advertisement that is larger than the billboard.

Creativity is really needed in advertising in outdoor media. Because it needs something unique to turn the attention of road users to the advertisements that are posted. For those of you who intend to advertise with interesting concepts, we have several Videotron LEDs with premium locations. You can call us at 0813-1311-0116 and you can follow our social media accounts. To discover the world of outdoor advertising.


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