Now it is necessary to calculate outdoor media advertising spending. This outdoor media seems to have future advertising media opportunities globally even though it is currently still a pandemic. In addition, because of the readiness of society to carry out activities outside the home.

Outdoor media still relevant as a communication channel for the development of urbanization that occurred in Indonesia. Of course, by making outdoor media stronger. It was because of its ability to target a better location and creatively manufacture more interesting.

See the outdoor digital media at the moment, so it can be integrated in other screens used users. Ranging from laptops, smartphones, and televisions. Will be able to help advertisers make the plan of multiple screens are better for their ad campaigns.

Based on Nielsen data To Determine Outdoor Media Advertising Spending

Based on Nielsen’s data, seeing the penetration rate of outdoor media is still in the top 3 for advertising media with the largest penetration. Television media can reach 90 percent of the population per day. While for internet 65 percent and outdoor media 54 percent.

Cerli Wirsal, Director of Nielsen Media Indonesia, said that this penetration is supported by the desire of consumers to be able to do activities outside the home. So the opportunity to attract companies to advertise in the medium is quite large.

Although potentially, there is no single measurement that can confirm it. By doing advertising in outdoor media, including effective for a brand or not. In addition, no one has been able to accurately recommend the location of outdoor media. Of course, which location matches the target and reach of the brand.

By making an expensive investment, the maintenance costs are also high. So that advertisers or brands do not get the appropriate return. This is in line with Nielsen’s findings in the Covid Special Survey in May 2020 to calculate outdoor media advertising spending.

Conducted a survey of 500 respondents in 11 big cities. In the fourth quarter of 2020, some consumers stated that they were ready to watch the concert. In addition, there are also those who will travel abroad.

The Need to Take Various Measurements

To carry out various measurements related to outdoor media of course also includes analyzing various brands that use outdoor media. The need to determine the exact location for advertising and how large the reach. In addition, also targets that can be targeted.

Even taking into account the amount of investment that should be spent by advertisers. Do not let advertisers advertise in areas that are not appropriate. Even though advertisers have paid a high price.

Nielsen launched 3 comprehensive measurements. As well as calculating outdoor media advertising spending to help the outdoor media industry players. Starting from accurate traffic measurement, ad spending, and competition maps in outdoor media.

Monitoring at Various Points

As an initial stage, Nielsen has monitored 1,708 outdoor media points in Jakarta. Be it billboards, videotron (LED billboards), billboards, and pedestrian bridges (JPO). Based on monitoring of points for outdoor media advertising spending in Jakarta in September 2020, Nielsen found that there were around 1,200 points. This point has a 30 percent occupancy rate or only 400 points.

Most of the others are still empty. This condition will be a challenge for point owners. It is necessary to get the owners of the dots to be creative. So looking for an efficient way to convince advertisers. One of them is to combine several types of media it has.

The client or advertiser has a plan before investing in outdoor media. Do not choose a location that is crowded with people and decide to advertise in that place. It does not include an effective guarantee of outdoor advertising.

Ad Spend Calculation

Until now, there are about 485 brands that use outdoor media to advertise. On the other hand, outdoor media providers reach up to 200 companies. Ranging from large scale to SMEs.

Last year’s outdoor media advertising spending reached Rp 110 trillion. With details, 70% came from television advertisements and 30% from print media. From the number of print media advertisements, 5%-6% came from magazines or tabloids.

Based on the gross rate card, Nielsen calculated media advertising spending in September this year in Jakarta. The figure reaches more than Rp. 293 billion. With the categories of corporate (corporate ads), property products, and financial as the three largest product categories.

Each of the additional categories, has a different advertising strategy. It can be seen from the type of selected outdoor media. In the financial category, it is more crowded to use the LED type. While the property category uses Midi type more.

Opening opportunities for outdoor media advertising spending in 2021. Nielsen noted that the penetration rate of outdoor media is in the top 3. Advertising media with the largest penetration in Indonesia.

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