The OOH industry is here to help brands convey messages to the general public in depth with attractive visual methods. The more attractive an advertisement, the easier it is to get public attention. In addition, persuasive messages are easier to reach the minds of everyone who sees the ad.

The promotional media industry offers unique advertising creations that can make anyone express their creativity. Especially now that Out of Home (OOH) has risen and transformed itself into a digital-based. As if it’s a breath of fresh air for investing in the glory of a business brand, companies don’t want to be left behind using OOH advertising.

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OOH is short for Out of Home. Not much different from its name, OOH is a visual advertising media that you usually encounter outside the home, such as billboards, advertisements posted in public places, or advertisements on street furniture. Usually, OOH is large enough to be easily seen.

So, how important is OOH advertising right now? Aren’t digital advertising methods booming nowadays?

Even though digital advertising methods, such as Facebook and Google are increasingly in demand, still marketing brands using conventional methods is the best and most important advertising choice.

Not to mention that so many digital advertisements make media buyers feel pressured. This makes some users do extensive ad blocking.

The sad thing is some ignore ads and prefer to bombard them so that they have difficulty appearing on the top page. If so, it is unlikely that the ad will be seen by visitors.

Having from these 2 things, it is clear that conventional advertising methods remain the mainstay. Without worrying about blocking, the oldest advertising method still triumphs today.

Below are the types of services available in the OOH industry that will help grow your business.


Point of sale display is a type of OOH that you generally find near the checkout or exit of a store. The area is the most effective point for advertising.

Installing a display near the cashier has a great opportunity for buyers to observe the advertisement when queuing at the cashier. While in this queue, the buyer will be motivated to read the ad to completion.

Meanwhile, the installation of displays in the exit area will focus the attention of visitors to increase the level of impulsive purchases when they leave the store.


Billboard is also an OOH industry service that has many enthusiasts and is one of the large-scale print advertising media.

Even though digital advertising media is becoming more and more popular nowadays, billboards are still the mainstay of big companies. Especially now that billboards appear digital-based.

The purpose of making billboards is nothing but clear to convey a message about a product or service. Even as time goes by, some individuals use billboards as a medium to boost their careers and popularity.

The billboard is placed in a location where there are lots of visitors and is displayed so it is likely to get the attention of people around the crowd.

When choosing a billboard as a marketing medium, make sure it is in a busy location. For example, the area of the road is prone to traffic jams. While waiting for smooth traffic, road users will likely spend their time on billboards that are displayed on either side of the road.


The function of this visual marketing media is the same as the two OOH industry products in the previous review, which is to publish as well as offer something. The location where the banner is placed in the shop entrance area, the entrance to the seminar room, or the office door. Presentation of banners in various sizes.

Advertisements on Public Transportation

It turns out that public vehicle bodies are not spared from being places for OOH advertisements. Usually, the form of the ad is in the form of an attractive sticker. Sticker placement is on all parts of the vehicle up to the rear glass.

Attractive stickers on public transportation are more effective and efficient. This is because these ads not only steal the attention of passengers but other motorists who are stuck in traffic or waiting for the light to turn green.

Advertisements in Public Facilities

Apart from public transportation, advertising on public facilities is also a potentially good place to place advertisements. If you pay close attention, there are similarities between advertisements posted in public facilities and billboards. The difference is only in the way of placement and location and position.

Want to rely on the OOH industry so that your digital marketing efforts can reach the masses? Make sure you get a trusted OOH advertising service provider. Choose which advertising service product you think is the most effective. This is for the success of your own business so that it remains resilient in facing increasingly fierce business competition. Always remember that OOH is an important advertising trick.


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