The Netflix series Squid Game has reportedly been airing since September 17, 2021. However, to attract fans’ interest, a special exhibition was held at Itaewon Station. By branding the station with the same concept in the film series. All Seoul residents in particular were very curious about the existence of the exhibition.

Indeed the design and design of the exhibition set is quite interesting. Although the exhibition is located in a South Korean underground station, it is an attraction in itself. The team has turned the station into a spectacular exhibition venue.

Curious about the station’s set? Check out the full explanation about this hype series.

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Netflix Squid Game Series Special Exhibition

Recently circulated the latest series from South Korea. Until now the series has many fans from various countries. No wonder some fans are willing to wait for the entire number of episodes that air.

Uniquely, to attract all fans, there is a special exhibition held at Itaewon Station. Why are you at the station? Because the area is very crowded with visitors or passengers.

Even some of them have seen a lot of Squid Game-style decorations. Of course, bringing a distinctive bright pink theme according to the plot of the series. This is very iconic to the Squid Game series.

The Netflix series Squid Game exhibit also adorns the wall charts with various inscriptions. It is certain that the writing is related to the series that aired. This aims to lure all viewers to be curious about the storyline of Squid Game.

Serial Exhibition Set Details

When passengers enter the lower part of the station, one can see the larger set from the series. Of course, the inside was equipped with officers wearing bright pink uniforms.

There are even some masks with triangles, squares, and circles. It can also be used as a photo spot for visitors who attend. Not only that, visitors can also see some unique childhood games.

The Netflix Squid Game series exhibition presents various game spots that illustrate the storyline. Visitors can see swings, slides, and various other toys. However, there are some games that are just an ordinary display.

Kids Sculpture Games

In addition there is a statue of a black-haired girl wearing yellow and orange clothes. The statue is capable of emitting red and green lights.

Of course, this really refers to Korean children’s games. The red light means that they must stop and must not move at all. As for the green light, it means you can walk and move.

The winner of the game when the statue has reached the finish line. The statue of the child is also present on the exhibition set of the Netflix series Squid Game.

Squid Game Series Storyline

Basically the series is the latest story from Netflix. This series belongs to the survival thriller genre. Basically the meaning of the title is Six Rounds in Korean.

This refers to all game participants who must complete six rounds of play. If they finish then they can get a prize. The story will focus on the figure of Seung Gi Hun.

He is a middle-aged man who is unemployed. In fact he has a lot of debt everywhere. Suddenly the man gets an invitation to play a game in order to survive in secret.

the prize offered from the game is approximately 45.6 billion Won. To be able to get the money then he must participate in the game.

Uniform Exhibition

Not only that, the Netflix Squid Game series exhibition also provides some interesting uniforms. The uniform is a reflection of the series which is very slick and unique. There are even some properties used in the Squid Game series.

Visitors to Itaewon Station will see marbles and old housing sets. So that everyone can reminisce about games and things related to childhood.

Surely this will be an exhibition that is eagerly awaited by many people. Given that the look of the series already has a lot of fans. Both from domestic and foreign fans.

Exhibition Time

Due to the high enthusiasm of fans, the exhibition lasted for quite a long time. In this case, it will last until Sunday, September 26, 2021. So there is still time for those who have not seen the exhibition to visit directly.

Everyone can witness the attractive appearance of the officers at the exhibition. It even has an overview to take a look at the Netflix series’ storylines.

The existence of this exhibition leads all station visitors to see the latest series from Netflix. In this case, it becomes a great opportunity to get a lot of views.

Thus the exhibition of the Netflix series Squid Game played an important role in the promotion. So that it can attract all fans to watch a slick series about childhood games.

This form of exhibition is of course a form of promotion of this Netflix series, it is not impossible that people who do not know about this film become more curious about the storyline. This proves that the role of outdoor advertising still plays an important role in promoting a product.

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