Bogor City is one of high population growth. In 2015 data released by the Bogor City Statistic Center in projecting the population penetrated one million people. Beside that, many people also come to this city and the society itself has a high mobility that makes Bogor has the potential for out of home advertising. Especially during weekends, Bogor has always been the destination of Jabodetabek residents to spend their weekends. MediaMove sees this opportunity and provides ad spots for companies or organizations that want to advertise in the Bogor City. We provide several outdoor advertising spots in several strategic locations and certainly can be suitable for your product, program or activity campaign.

Here’s several ad spot in Bogor City :

Raya Padjajaran Strett – In front of Ngesti

Raya Padjajaran Street – In front of Sekolah Bisnis IPB

Jagorawi Tol Road – KM 37+200

Jagorawi Tol Road – KM 38

Jagorawi Tol Road- KM 41 (Gerbang Tol Bogor)

Pahlawan Street – Empang

Raya Tajur Street – Tas Tajur (1)

Raya Tajur Street – Tas Tajur (2)

Achmad Yani Street – In front of Plaza Jambu Dua

Raya Padjajaran Street – Warung Jambu Junction

Warung Jambu Junction – Most Premium Ad spot in Bogor City


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