Pairing an ad is not easy, it all requires careful consideration and supporting data for fluency and successful advertising. A rushed and immature process will have an impact on the ineffective advertising results and produce a negative effect. Moreover, OOH advertising, the concept of installation is very much needed and even when making the advertisement it also determines the success of advertising. OOH advertisements, especially billboards or videotrons, only have a chance of at least 15 seconds to be seen by target consumers who pass through them, while target consumers who pass through these advertisements can have more or even less than 15 seconds. Therefore, the message that is loaded and the placement of the right ad will affect target consumers.

Therefore, there are at least three ways that can be used to measure the success of placing an OOH advertisement. Here’s how:

1. Selection of OOH Ad Location

If calculated, perhaps in Jabodetabek there are thousands of outdoor advertising locations such as Billboard and Videotron. The correct advertising is in accordance with their target consumers. It is not permissible to rely only on strategic and expensive ad locations, but it turns out that the targeted advertising target consumers are counted small, even not in that location, it will only be a waste of money. The correct placement of ad locations is the presence of advertisements as a solution for where the target consumers are.

2. Conducting a preliminary survey of the local community

It could be said that the first method is the easiest, but it requires proper thinking. Whereas in the second way it seems that it costs more to conduct a small survey. This is intended to be more convincing and strengthen you in advertising. A survey conducted before installation, by asking about the needs of the surrounding community and the problems they experience (related to the services or products you have). If there is a match between their problem and your product or service as a solution, then you really deserve to place an ad in that location.

3. Monitor public awareness.

When you have started advertising in the right location. Then you can re-conduct a small survey to monitor the development of public awareness of the existence of advertisements. Especially when advertisements have been placed for a long time. You can also monitor the effectiveness of advertising from the sale of products or services that you advertise in the area where you advertise.


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