The elevator is a vertical transport transportation used to transport people and goods. Generally, elevators are often used for high-rise buildings that are more than 3 or 4 floors. Advertising in an elevator will be more effective, given the remote location and your ad being the only visible medium.

Advertising media using this lift provides highly targeted reach in an exposed environment. A business owner will always find the right ad, affordable, decent invested and efficient. So that advertising in the elevator becomes one of the promotional media that can be considered.

This type of advertising is gaining popularity among those who want a flexible advertising campaign. Can be paired with campaigns on other media and is certainly creative and fits the budget. Advertising in elevators is very common in urban areas, precisely in a building.

More Effective In-Elevator Advertising

Nowadays, the media for advertising is getting wider to accommodate promotions from various large and small companies. Not only through TV, billboards or radio, now advertisements can also be placed on elevator doors. Of course the targets were the people in and out of the building’s elevator.

Advertising in elevators seems very different from most conventional ways of advertising. The most striking thing is that the conventional way is more focused on the large scale. While the advertising method in elevators is more based on a small scale targeting a larger crowd.

Considerations Using Elevator As Advertising Media

Every individual working in the company uses the elevator at least 4 to 6 times a day. If he spends an average of 20 seconds on each trip, what is the total time spent in the elevator? About 100 seconds of advertising no distractions and the focus of elevator users is on the panel showing the ad.

Elevator users usually carry out activities such as using a cell phone, watching the floor number change on a small screen or talking to other people. With the ad, their focus will be more focused and read all the information contained in the ad. We all know how much it costs to advertise in an elevator. But large crowds can be attracted in a very effective way through this advertising medium.

Advantages of Placing Ads on the Elevator

Advertising in elevators is gaining popularity among small business owners. In addition to meeting the criteria of ease of use and cost. Then, elevator advertising offers an effective and creative marketing medium. So that it can make an impression on certain consumer segments or segments of the B2B market.

In some buildings, advertisements in elevators with high visuals and creativity are the advertising channels that attract the most attention.

Micro Targeting and Cost Effectiveness

If in other types of ads you have no control over who sees those ads. This is different if you install it in the elevator. By using the media lift as a place to advertise you can choose the audience by choosing the environment. You can even get all types of commercial or corporate buildings.

Regarding the cost-effectiveness of advertising in elevators, this is one of the main attractions for small to medium-sized businesses. You can spend tens or even hundreds of millions on newspaper ads without knowing whether your audience sees the ad or not. But with a media lift, you can put a few small pieces of charge in a smaller but more powerful medium. You are likely to get two to three times the amount of exposure than other media.

In addition, advertisements in elevators are more affordable than advertisements in newspapers or on TV. This of course depends on the ad format and the number of locations you purchase.

Why Advertise on Elevator LCD Screens?

Advertising on elevators allows you to reach a large audience consisting of tenants and visitors around the building. For this reason, this step of placing an ad is an ideal way to attract people’s attention to provide targeted communication. Shows a mix of ads and information that is more relevant to elevator users. For example live news, sports, weather and information about local businesses also need to attract the attention of the audience.

Perception of Advertising in Elevator

Advertising in the elevator can reduce the awkward moment while waiting for the elevator door to open. So that the audience can shift their focus by looking at the LCD to kill time while waiting inside or outside the elevator. Advertisements on LCDs in elevators can attract audiences because they can kill time and advertisements don’t bother them either.

Advertisements in the elevator are also soft selling activities in the form of videos that have a unique side. In addition, it must also have a frame that only displays the brand or tagline. So even if people don’t see the ad until the end they can still know the brand.

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