Do you have a brand with good quality, but still few consumers? That means something is wrong with your company’s marketing system.
If you have a good brand but no one tries, then the company will lose out right away. However, if you have a good product and are able to bring in customers then that is a good opportunity.

When consumers feel that the product you have is good, then the chance for them to try or buy back will be very likely. The first step that must be done is to bring in consumers. One way to do this is by introducing the products you have to consumers.
Introducing the brand to the wider community is a must. Start with the goal of making the product you have. Whose market share is the product, what are their activities, needs, concerns, and so on. If you already know, start to determine the ad design.

One way to introduce a brand or product is to collaborate with Smart Out of Home Media & Creative OOH Media.
Why should it be OOH?

Why do you have to do a promotional strategy through OOH? OOH is still an effective, efficient, and trusted promotional tool for consumers.
According to research conducted by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), approximately 71% of people feel more positive about a brand emblazoned on OOH.

OOH target consumers are those who are outside the home. Many also call it “on going”. It is as if road users are “forced” to see the advertisements displayed in the OOH media.

OOH media is indeed made as attractive as possible. The goal is to attract the attention of road users and then be able to be remembered.

Then what media are used the most in OOH? There are lots of media that can be used, ranging from billboards, neon boxes, videotrons, and posters. All of them can be attractive OOH advertising tools if they are made according to customer needs.

Tricks to Make Effective OOH

Advertising using OOH media is not cheap. However, the impact of this promotion is commensurate with the budget issued. Especially if the ads that are published on OOH are able to make consumers “fall in love” at first sight.

Here are some tricks you can do to make your OOH ad more effective and able to bring in lots of consumers.

1. Must Be Able To Make People Interested

OOH advertising must be able to get people interested. Not only interested in seeing, but also intriguing. In the millennial era like today, OOH advertisements are considered successful if they are able to make people take photos and then share them on social media.
OOH ads that can be seen by many people both directly and through social media uploads, will make your brand memorable. Especially if the brand or product being sold can indeed be obtained easily and is of good quality.

2. Do Research

Before creating a creative, do some small research. Take a look at some of the OOH ads that have been published a lot. Especially the location that will be used as a place to display OOH ads.
In addition, pay attention to the OOH advertisements that are widely shared on social media. You can also consult with companies engaged in the Smart Out of Home Media & Creative OOH Media. Apart from helping you determine your advertising material, it can also provide strategic location recommendations.

3. Determine the Strategic Location

Determining a strategic location is also important in promotion through OOH. Busy roads, high traffic are some good criteria. When choosing a road that is busy, congested, and has a lot of traffic, many eyes will also pay attention to your ad.
Apart from busy roads, places that are commonly used to wait, rest, or hang out can be used as places to display your OOH ad. For example, bus stops, stations, hawker centers, or shopping places.

4. Content Efficient Ads

The material used to advertise on OOH should not have too much text or writing. This is so that target consumers can immediately know the intent, purpose, and brand that will be advertised. Moreover, many road users who only pass by briefly. The advertising material is made short, concise, and interesting to be easy for potential customers to remember.

Lots of OOH media users play on images, with short and efficient text. Design that will explain what, how brand you want to introduce.


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