Bogor city as a city for the runners. Yes today with the development of the culture run in Bogor made public in this rainy city in the habit of healthy living. Of course this also attracts us MediaMove as an outdoor advertising company to participate in presenting facilities that can support the needs of the people of Bogor City. The signboard or totem instructions kilo meters which are divided into 9 points spread along the Bogor Botanical Gardens road. Not only as a guide kilometer MediaMove make signboard / totem is also a board that beautify the city of Bogor. With the addition of colorful lights on and at every totem run that display a different image, an image that displays an interesting landmark in the city of Bogor.

komunitas lari bogorBogor Runner

Surely this running totem also expected to become a new icon in the city of Bogor. There are currently many jogging or jogging communities in this rainy city, and hoped that running totem will be an appropriate tool for the running lovers community. However, running totem can be connected to smartphone. There are applications that are almost similar to running applications in general. Which can display the distance traveled, but pulled it from this application. Users who run later will get points every time they cross the totem. And these points can be exchanged with merchants who join or cooperate with us. One thing that is interesting is not it? Not just a distance marker, this running totem can also interact with lovers of running.

totem Bogor city of runner mediamovePicture of Totem Runner

It is located in the heart of Bogor City or in the middle of the city along the pedestrian road around the Bogor Botanical Gardens. Pedestrian Bogor Botanical Gardens recently inaugurated on January 15, 2017. The presence of a pedestrian around Istana Bogor Botanical Garden. And the expected to increase tourist visits to come to the Rainy City. The length of the path from the pedestrian is approximately 4.1 Km. And is a suitable place for running or jogging activities. Although located on the side of the vehicle. But along the pedestrian lane is overgrown with trees which certainly makes it beautiful and comfortable.

Aside from this run totem facilities, MediaMove also will add another facility which is very interesting and can be useful to society, especially lovers of running and sports in the sempur area. Intrigued by these facilities? Do not forget to follow news updates from us via sosialmedia Mediamove, Click here

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