AR Burger King is showing more and more creativity. With AR you can while waiting for cheap augmented reality glasses. You can do immersive technology ads via smartphone.

This creative shows how exciting AR marketing can be and gives a glimpse into how retail will be disrupted by augmented reality and mixed reality.

Creative and Innovative Burger King AR System

AR marketing poses a very interesting ethical challenge. So what happens when a company’s ads are matched with competitors’ ad campaigns? Digital and analog marketing have done this before.

But now the act of appropriation has become much simpler in reality. Competitor ads become markers for each individual individual.

If you think about the future world of Ready Player One or Blade Runner types. Then you would imagine an augmentation layer where each sign becomes a marker for only the others.

Turning to semiotics, each signifier is a detour to another and can be forged indefinitely. Long-term spatial computing will turn the physical environment into something soft. This is primarily the Web.

Good and bad are not limited to social media life. Retail advertising from many areas will be reversed by augmented reality.

But unfortunately the innovative AR Burger King is only available in Brazil. It is very interesting and more fun. You can do this by pointing your smartphone at one of the adverts of competitors such as McDonalds. In fact, almost all types of advertisements can function either printed pages, billboards or billboards.

AR app has competitor ads lit by getting coupons for Whopper for free. This is certainly different from Burger King’s old selling point since 1954. This is from grilled burgers.

With the AR application has been prepared to get a big response. Burger King is expected to deliver more than half a million Whoppers.

The company has in the past been doing creative marketing with the theme of Fire. Whereas in 2017 it has run a promotion with pictures of actual news scenes from a burning retail location. Those fire grills don’t always come with burgers. Burger King’s AR app fires up competitor ads.

Quoted from Ariel Grunkraut who is director of marketing and sales for Burger King in Brazil, technology is a means to provide the best customer experience.

This is one of the main investment targets in 2019. Of course, to create the BK express experience. In addition, the exclusive mobile payment technology is available in Brazil and even in its entirety.

Offers some fun interactions in augmented reality for brands through the app. At the same time use the service to get a free Whopper.

The new AR app includes payment features both burning competitor ads in smartphones and placing Whopper directly in the user’s cart. This is indeed a smart innovation.

AR Changes Retail

Ikea and Amazon have been experimenting with Burger King’s AR app in the US. Zara’s window display is one of the most innovative projects ever encountered.

When businesses use augmented reality, it is easy to lose control of advertising campaigns. This placing a virtual chair at home is a simple example of retail augmented reality.

The BK app promo has been created specifically for Brazil in promoting BK Express. The technology tool allows customers to order in advance and can avoid queues.

This strategy allows Burger King to transform rival media investments, such as magazine ads, billboards, discount coupons and much more. So it becomes the ad itself.

The act of appropriation stacks up against one another with businesses cutting each other’s media investments. This can spread beyond retail marketing to the promotion of nonprofit advertising.

This will be used as a weapon by political organizations, like the start of a new marketing arms race. At some stage, it most likely ends up in court. Burger King’s AR is just a prelude to what will be shown in the world of augmented reality.

With the promotion of the AR app with “burn That Ad”, anyone who launches the Burger King app in Brazil and points their phone at a major competitor’s ad can enjoy the view or view being burned instantly in augmented reality.

So that in an instant it became a BK ad. Meanwhile, when the flame goes out, consumers will see a screen that provides information that they have received a free Whopper. It is to be enjoyed at a nearby restaurant.

Augmented reality combined with fireworks will be even better. With Burn That Ad, you can hack the competition by taking advantage of the biggest advantage, namely fire. AR Burger King builds on a reputation for creating promotions or advertising campaigns that push boundaries.


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