As a company that wants to be number one in the minds of consumers, of course the company will carry out any marketing methods to achieve this goal. Top of Mind is the name for a company, brand or product that is number one and most often remembered by consumers. Some companies with large finances, apart from advertising on billboards, newspapers and digital, they also use marketing with Naming Rights.

Naming rights briefly are financial transactions and a form of advertising where a company or other entity buys the right to name a facility or event, usually for a specific period of time. Naming Rights has the main goal of increasing brand awareness in the community, and over time to become Top of Mind.

In practice, this has been a long time and has been done by many companies. With Naming Rights, it is as if the community is being followed and implanted by the company name because wherever they go, there are always company names side by side in the names of public facilities that are often used by them.

An example is what happened to the naming of the stadium belonging to the English league club Manchester City, Etihad Stadium. As we know, Etihad is a world airline with a class category that is a very effective naming right, because it will be exposed everywhere. As it was covered during the match, it was mentioned many times by football commentators, appeared in the video footage of the match, was mentioned in the news, so that it must have stuck in the minds of the fans.

The value of Naming Rights cooperation itself is not cheap, therefore it is only natural that only giant companies that have large funding often do so, such as Allianz, Emirates and others. Naming Rights in Indonesia have also begun to be widely implemented, such as Grab, BNI, to Ecommerce such as Shopee.

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Naming Rights at Lebak Bulus MRT Station and Arsenal Stadium. Source: Kompas, Soccer Tickets Online

As we know, in the year the MRT Jakarta was inaugurated, after that, several MRT station names changed with the brand name behind them. Such as the Lebak Bulus Grab MRT Station, Blok M BCA MRT Station, Istora Mandiri MRT Station, Setiabudi Astra MRT Station, Dukuh Atas BNI MRT Station. This modern and new transportation certainly has a fantastic price for a Naming Rights.

Naming Rights at stations like this makes it possible to try to embed the company’s name as Top of Mind to users of transportation services. For example, by repeatedly mentioning the name of the Lebak Bulus Grab MRT Station by the train operator and the exposure of the name Grab in all corners of the station, users who come down remember, and feel equipped with the name of Grab, so that it will be possible to continue their journey, MRT users will choose the Grab fleet transportation.

There are many methods that can be done to promote the company, in the future it will be very possible for brilliant innovations to emerge as a new way of promotion. However, it is very important to make innovations that have an impact on all elements involved, not just for the sake of business. That is what is called CFA, City Friendly Advertising, Mediamove continues to strive and be a pioneer in outdoor advertising media that presents breakthroughs in outdoor advertising media that can have a good impact on all elements involved, be it society, clients, and government.


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