In the 1930’s been a lot of posters and billboards affixed to bullock carts used to transport goods. At that time, billboards and advertising boards usually mounted on a metal plate or zinc used is thick enough. Then 10 years later came a few materials that can be used to create a billboard that can reflect light. More advanced age the world of advertising is also advancing rapidly with the help of technology has also advanced rapidly. Here are a few brief review of the history of advertising in Indonesia.

There are several terms used to describe advertising in Indonesia. The first word that billboards, advertisements, and advertisements. Advertising is a word that comes from the Dutch language which has a meaning repeated repeatedly. Many say the definition of advertising is about an activity on the communications made during the manufacture of goods or a service provider to several communities or groups for marketing perform. Communication can usually be done using text, pictures or even videos that can support the advancement of a business. Advertising in Indonesia has been very well known for decades. Since the 20th century, advertising has been very popular in Indonesia. It cannot be denied that advertising has a positive impact on the progress of a business. Many companies use advertising services to promote the goods or services they provide.

Historically in the 1950s the word advertising was first introduced by a press shop in Indonesia, namely Mr. Soedarjo Tjokrosisworo to replace the word billboard which led to the west of the city. With the principle and spirit of nationalism, some advertising entrepreneurs use the name of the advertising agency for their place of business. With the approval of a group of advertising agency entrepreneurs they made associations or associations regarding advertising. This association has the name of the Association of the Perserikatan Biro Iklan Republik Indonesia (PBRI). Naming the association still uses Dutch language because there are still many members who are companies from the Netherlands. At that time Indonesia was still very few who opened an advertising agency. 0000000000000


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