Have you ever known about a marketing strategy called Guerilla Marketing? In Indonesian, this marketing system means guerrilla advertising. It is called guerrilla advertising because the method in this type of advertising uses a very surprising interaction, when conducting product campaigns and business services.

Guerilla Marketing Advantages Compared to Traditional Advertising

This happened not without a reason. This kind of marketing methods normally used in a campaign with locations around the audience. So it requires a high level of creativity in reaching the attention of the audience through the visualization of the ads that we offer from a close distance.

If we succeed, their attention and level of curiosity will also be higher. Another thing we have to consider in using marketing methods Guerilla Marketing is, it must focus on advertising strategy that we created efficiently.

So that it can achieve an impactful impression on the audience present. Ads that you provide must have an allure that describe your products broadly implied.

This brings a big role in the initiative of the audience who witnessed it. So it can make your campaign managed to get brand awareness. In addition, it also makes the audience spread the ad to any social media.

With the knowledge that the products have been distributed, of course, will increase the opportunity for you. Especially in getting more income because consumers feel curious and then buy the products that you have to offer.

Targeted Advertising with Guerrilla Marketing

This advertising method, we have known for a long time, can provide an approach that is right on target. Because the message contained in the ad can capture the attention of a broad audience.

This way, you will get a much higher potential for brand engagement and ROI. Of course, for them advertisements like this will not be missed.

Take the example of selecting advertising methods using ambient advertising. Ambient advertising installed in one of the public facilities, such as stations or airports, will certainly attract attention. This will make the product you advertise very acceptable to the general public.

With a very impressive campaign for them, it certainly would support the increase in sales on a product or service that you are currently marketed.

Improving a positive and deep brand image

The purpose of this Guerilla Marketing advertising method is to provide a strategy for making advertisements to more easily enter the subconscious of the audience. If this is the case, of course, consciously or unconsciously, they will always remember some of the products you offer. This method is indeed very good when compared to having to use conventional marketing methods.

Implementing an Advertising Strategy with Guerrilla Marketing

One way that you can do is to adjust the situation and conditions more sensitively and observantly. For example, the current case of the COVID-19 pandemic is not over.

Social restrictions that occur everywhere make several business sectors out of business because they can no longer bear the burden of employees and their bankruptcy. Actually you can take advantage of it by marketing a product.

First of all, you must use intermediary materials as a promotional tool with a theme according to the situation. For example, using hand sanitizer. In addition to being in harmony with the current situation, it can also make potential buyers as well as bring quite a lot of benefits for buyers.

Promotional methods like this will lead the audience to know that the ads you make are not only focused on promoting a product. However, it also continues to invite the audience to maintain health protocols.

With these two benefits, you can carry out promotional methods with LCD digital signage, or hand sanitizers. You can get this by doing the promotion method as above. So that it can allow the audience to provide more value to you.

Because it’s not just promoting the brand you’re carrying. But also pay attention to the health and safety conditions for everyone. This will make your brand image positive in the market. In addition, it also shows that you are ready to run a business again, which refers to thorough preparation in the new normal era like today.

Start Advertising and Promotion Right Now

Guerrilla Marketing is a marketing method that you should try. You will get various types of attractive and professional advertising service options methods. Don’t hesitate to start your advertising and promotion right now.

There will be many advantages that you can get when using Guerilla Marketing as a means and method of your promotion. This method will give you the convenience of advertising with a variety of very interesting advertising services. You can even get creative and modern advertising media here. No wonder if this is highly recommended for you.


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