Currently the outdoor advertising media is on the rise because it has become the most profitable marketing strategies. Marketing or promotional activities needed to introduce products and services widely.

There are many choices of ways to promote a company or product, one of which is using outdoor advertising. If you are outdoors or passing on the highway, you will definitely find a variety of promotional media.

A wide selection of types of outdoor media such as banners, banners, Jakarta billboards, videotron and many others. This media is deliberately used for promotion by combining images and writing as attractive as possible.

To learn more about outdoor advertising media, how and what are the chances of the types. Includes tips on outdoor advertising media wear, if you are interested in can be listened to the explanation below.

Opportunity to Use Outdoor Media for Marketing Strategy

It is necessary to understand the purpose of using outdoor media for promotion, of course, to attract the interest of the people who are watching it. It is expected that there will be action in accordance with the information deliberately submitted by the advertiser company.

So many questions whether the opportunity to install outdoor advertising media is quite profitable? Questions like this are actually very reasonable considering there are a lot of costs that must be incurred for installation.

The discussion about opportunities is certainly very interesting because currently there are many choices of media that can be used for promotion. For example, the online method is much cheaper, using electronic media such as television advertisements.

Did you know that the opportunity to use outdoor advertising such as Videotron Jakarta is very large. More than two-thirds of consumers spend about 4 hours outdoors every day.

For big cities like Jabodetabek, of course, this time is higher when compared to other areas. The average consumer will also spend at least 1 hour traveling time every day.

Facts like this certainly show that there is a huge potential for using outdoor advertising media. The possibility of a product or service being seen by consumers is very large every day compared to television advertisements.

In fact, according to Nielsen’s research, the reach of outdoor media is very high, reaching 66%. Consumers stated that when they were on the road or outside they would have seen the ad.

One of the reasons why consumers are more interested is because to rest their eyes than just looking at the street. Pay attention to the advertisements that are made very attractive, making the streets not full of vehicles and pollution.

It is not surprising that the placement of the advertising media, the text, the colors, and the images used are of course full of careful consideration. The aim is to make the ad display attractive and the language easy to understand in a few seconds.

Types of Outdoor Media for Promotional Means

As a service or product owner in determining the outdoor advertising media to be used, you should know the types. The goal is that you can determine which one is the most appropriate or appropriate to use.

1. Videotron

Videotron Jakarta is the newest and most modern outdoor media because it displays the movement of visual images. The appearance is very attractive because it makes road users feel like they are watching on a large screen.

Videotron is in great demand because it is able to display ads more dynamically, can change quickly. Many people are interested in seeing it because it doesn’t look boring and always updates in just a few seconds.

2. Billboard

If you are in the streets will definitely not be difficult to find a billboard that is so clear at the top. Billboards are promotional media that are made very large so they are easier to read.

In general, billboards are made with lots of pictures and little writing but are easy to understand. It is deliberately placed in a high place to make it more attractive and easier for road users to read.

3. Neonbox

The other type is neonbox where you can see the words very clearly, especially at night. There are lights on the inside so that it looks bright, striking, different and attracts the attention of consumers.

4. Posters

The choice of outdoor advertising media is no less popular, namely posters containing graphic designs with various writings. Posters are usually printed and pasted in a special place to make it easier for consumers to read.

5. Banner

Banners are different from other outdoor media because they are fabrics that are stretched outside the room. Banners can be used as a means of promotion, providing information, giving announcements or containing company slogans.

Advantages of Using Outdoor Advertising Media for Marketing

Whatever types of media are used as outdoor advertising, it turns out that all of them have many advantages. Knowing what the advantages are can be taken into consideration for using outdoor promotional media.

The main advantage of outdoor advertising media is that it is able to dominate the local market because the target consumer is very clear. You don’t even need to look for consumers because consumers themselves will be looking for you.

Consumers who see ads are different almost every day because of the traffic every day. Even more often seen because it is placed in a strategic location, especially around major city highways.

Interestingly, the installation of Jakarta billboards is much more flexible because it can be adjusted to the target consumer. You as a business owner who wants to advertise a product or service can determine the location for yourself.

Another advantage is that it can be used as branding and increase awareness for new products. So that your product becomes more easily and quickly known by the wider community.

The advantages of this outdoor advertising media also have a competitive nature so that its advantages can be proven. It can even be said to be more effective and efficient to be an option in marketing products.

Finally, the advantages in terms of the installation price can be adjusted to the ability of the company itself. This promotional media is much cheaper than promotion on television but can reach consumers very precisely.

Tips for Safe and Proper Advertising Outdoors

If you are interested in installing Jakarta billboards, then you must know how to use safe and appropriate tips. Because errors in the installation make the ads you display can’t be effective in attracting consumers.

1. Use professional services

Make sure you use the services of a professional who is experienced in the installation of outdoor advertising media. The goal is to get a lot of recommendations and advice on how to install the best.

You also don’t need to bother because the service company already understands exactly what is being done. So that advertising becomes more appropriate, on target and gets the best price.

2. Determine the installation location

Even if you have used professional services, you still need to consider the installation location for yourself. Do a site survey and make comparisons with several other locations before finally making a choice.

The more precise the location chosen, the more opportunities to get more consumers and open. For example, choosing a location around a red light where many motorists stop is very strategic.

3. Pay attention to all forms of licensing

Outdoor advertising pays attention to all forms of licensing and as a service user, of course you have to check it. Do not let the promotion that is installed becomes a new problem because it does not have official permission.

4. The writing is short, concise and easy to understand

Also pay attention to content, images and color selection when creating advertisements for the outdoors. Make sure the writing is short, dense but easy to understand because consumers can only read it in a few seconds.

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