The development of digital marketing technology has not been able to completely shift the role of outdoor advertising media (Outdoor or Out of Home Advertising). Especially in big cities like Jakarta, Surabaya and Bandung.

This is inseparable from the role of advertising or promotion itself, which is an effort to communicate between the brand owner and his audience. Through this, brands can compile campaign messages according to their marketing focus.

The goal is not only direct profit, but to build an awareness of the brand. So that if the market has a problem, it is immediately associated with the advertisement that has been made and finally buys it.

One of the uniqueness and advantages of outdoor advertising is its ability to convey messages briefly but effectively. The use of aesthetic designs gives the audience an elegant and promising impression.

How Effective Is Outdoor Advertising Today?

The development of digital media, including the popularity of social media, has certainly shifted conventional media as a means of communication. Moreover, currently developing algorithm technology that helps business owners to more easily reach their market.

The ability, speed, and low cost of advertising on social media are other causes of the rapid popularity and development of online marketing. However, it turns out that the effectiveness of outdoor advertising has not waned or even strengthened.

This is because most of the time is spent on activities outside, such as offices, roads and shopping places. The intensity also increases along with the city, the bigger the city the higher the activity outside.

In big cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, outdoor advertising media is a determinant of strong brand awareness. Various mediums such as neonboxes, Videotron, banners, wall paintings, and billboards in Jakarta are the media choices.

This is confirmed by the data that 5 out of 10 people who have outdoor activities see and pay attention to advertisements. This shows nearly half of the people who are out of interest in their advertisements.

Surprisingly, the data shows that 81% of consumption actually comes from the influence of outdoor advertising. This figure is actually higher than online advertising which only touches 55%.

These data show that the use of OOH is still effective, especially in big cities like Jakarta. High mobility and traffic density levels make it quite effective in helping market awareness.

Development of Outdoor Advertising Technology

Conventionally outdoor advertising is an attachment to various mediums to introduce a particular campaign. Initially, to be able to make it, you had to paint it manually, now you can use printing technology.

The development of the advertising creation process had a major impact on the production or rental costs of the advertisement. From high cost and long installation, to low cost but fast in providing information.

Besides that, it is also possible to develop the digitalization of outdoor advertising, for example by utilizing videotron. So that monotonous conventional advertising can be more varied and unique, combining visual and motion elements.

The development of graphic design technology, editing, copywriting, and layouting also plays an important role in building outdoor advertising. Now Outdoor Advertising looks more elegant, the combination of visual elements and writing can amaze the audience.

Some brands use it as amplification, especially in big cities like Jakarta. It does not immediately show the brand, but it makes readers curious so they have to look for it again through social media or search engines.

The use of the Jakarta videotron is apparently able to provide new nuances for the people of the capital city in getting to know a product. Placed in strategic places, it can act as an attractive advertisement without skipping.

The development of its use has also progressed, not only for commercial purposes but also for educational or socialization purposes. Such as socialization about health protocols when facing a pandemic and being outside the home.

Popular Types of Outdoor Advertising

OOH or outdoor advertising has several mediums that can be chosen to be able to introduce and convey campaign messages according to their needs. Starting from conventional models, to taking advantage of digital technology developments.

Understanding the opportunities and benefits of each medium certainly helps optimize their use. Especially if you want to place outdoor advertising as a form of your brand campaign and increase sales.

1. Types of Billboards

Billboard itself is a large advertisement with the characteristics of an attractive image and short but easy to remember words. Usually installed on the side of the road, so that road users can read it and grow interest in it.

Big cities like Jakarta use billboards not only for profit, but also for education. Many billboards in Jakarta show socialization or introduction to certain products and campaigns.

2. Types of Banners and Banners

The function and position of banners or banners are not much different from billboards, namely as an outdoor advertising medium. Even though it is smaller in size, it has the advantage that it is more widely distributed.

Installation in a road area or busy passing vehicles provides the advantage of being able to easily get the attention of the driver. However, the disadvantage is that the information is very limited and does not convey a serious or elegant impression.

3. Types of Videotron

Combining visual elements with motion graphics as a marketing medium in public spaces. The use of these two elements is able to create a more attractive, attractive, and entertaining advertising image for people passing by.

The placement varies, ranging from around red lights, in buildings, and in several sections of public space. So that it allows people to see the ad longer and is more memorable in the minds of the market.

Outdoor Ad Optimization Tips for Your Business

Although the level of effectiveness in attracting the audience and the market, when it is not optimally optimized, the results will also be less than optimal. Before you order an outdoor advertising installation service, first know how to optimize it.

1. Choosing a Credible Service Provider

First, of course, you have to choose a service provider with a high level of credibility. To find out, you can see from the experience and impressions of its service users. If it tends to be positive, it tends to be credible.

Having a professional culture and responsive communication is also a plus. Remember that when something happens to the ad, you can quickly file a complaint and work out a solution together.

2. Researching Strategic Locations

Location is a second concern, outdoor advertising can be optimal if many people see it clearly. Not only that, the audience must also be able to have time to digest the information in the ad.

3. Developing Attractive Designs

Make sure it has an interesting or unique design, especially when you want to use it in a big city like Jakarta. Using Videotron Jakarta, you should be able to come up with a unique and striking visual communication design.

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