Gojek Billboard, a protective partition in Cihampelas. Source: Google.com

Of the many media that can be used to advertise, billboard media is one of the most frequently used media. Gojek is a brand that is quite consistent in advertising using billboards. Because of its creativity, it is not uncommon for the advertisements presented by Gojek to reap positive reactions from the public who see it. At the beginning of the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, various brands that were using billboards to advertise their products and services in droves turned into invitations to do activities at home. Now the regulations have been relaxed a little but still promote high health protocols. In fact, this change was welcomed very well by Gojek by enlivening the visual importance of social distancing through billboards.

Protection Bulk on GoRide. Source: Tribunnews

Gojek, as one of the passenger shuttle service providers, certainly requires extra strict handling in health protocols. Everyday meeting with passengers and close interaction with passengers made Gojek and Grab finally make a breakthrough for a preventive attitude towards the covid-19 virus. Gojek and Grab both make plastic bulkheads that serve as a barrier and barrier between drivers and passengers.

Gojek breakthrough received positive reactions from loyal users of transportation services that have been operating for 10 years. The presence of this barrier answers the concerns of Gojek users in using their services when hit by a pandemic like this. But there are also many people who still do not know about this new Gojek feature and there are still people who are hesitant to use Gojek even though there is a distance barrier.

Protective partition on GoCar. Source: Seconds

This condition might motivate Gojek to return to campaigning for their features. That people no longer need to worry about using the Gojek fleet when traveling, because now the Gojek fleet is equipped with a dividing barrier between the driver and the passenger. Not only that, the maintenance of the drivers’ health was also carried out by Gojek.

With this barrier and routine health maintenance for drivers, it gives a message that Gojek is very supportive of the policies implemented by the government. The importance of providing a sense of security to users is also a priority for every brand in difficult times like this.

Billboard Turns on the Visual Protection Partition in the Gojek Fleet. Source: Google

Through billboards, Gojek tries to bring and animate the visuals of the features they have. The billboard which is known to be in Margonda Depok and Cihampelas has attached additional material such as a divider between the two visuals of the hand and is accompanied by the phrase “Don’t let the virus change hands”. In addition, underneath it is the words “GoCar and GoRide provide a protective barrier”.

The presence of this unusual billboard certainly attracts the attention of road users. Citizens have not even once or twice become a topic of conversation by netizens, this indicates that Gojek ads are effective in provoking their awareness or brand awareness.


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