SPBU (Fuel Filling Station) is actually a distribution agency. Built in a plot of land. Then have a gas station facility with designs, designs, and technical specifications that have previously received approval from Pertamina. The gas station advertisement will be more effective considering the location is a place frequented by many people.

SPBU are used to use Pertamina’s trademark. In addition, it can also be used for managing the Non Fuel Retail business. The gas station has an operational standard implementation, which must comply with the PT Pertamina (Persero) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Then the workers are required to work in accordance with PT Pertamina’s standard work ethics.

Best Location for More Effective Gas Station Ads

Many people predict that using an LCD TV to display electronic advertisements will generate business. However the implementation of digital signage is not as simple as people think. The reason is, it requires special tricks so that it has great benefits.

One of the things that make people mistake when installing digital signage is the wrong choice of place. For example, placing it too high or not placing it strategically. In order to get maximum results, the installation location must be in accordance with the eye’s point of view. So that the view will not look up too much and many eyes will see.

One of the suitable places is a place to queue, for example, an advertisement for gas stations. Even though people are not interested in the message in an advertisement, if you are in a queue they are more likely to watch. So, whatever is in front of them, they will definitely be observed so they don’t feel bored.

Posting an ad outdoors such as a gas station can increase the number of people who see the ad.

Strategic Location Gas Station

The purpose of advertising is to be watched by many people. Thus, it requires a strategic place to install, such as gas station advertisements. The consideration is cheap and effective, but strategic. The reason is, the location of the gas station is on the edge of the highway.

The advantage of placing an ad at a gas station is that the location is where people fill fuel. In addition, many also enter the gas station area to rest or just go to the toilet, prayer room, and drink coffee. The existence of supermarket facilities is also a destination for many people to fulfill their needs during the trip.

The gas station criteria above will invite many people to visit. When placing an ad at a gas station, it will have a great opportunity to be seen by many people.

Strategic places in the gas station area include walls or walls to enter and exit two-wheeled vehicles and cars. Then the parking area and canteen or supermarket. Other places where gas stations can be advertised are rest areas and toilet doors.

The purpose of placing advertisements is so that the message can reach the general public. So that the conditions for the place must be visited by many people. One place that fits these criteria is at a gas station.

Advertisements at Synchronized Petrol Stations

Posting a gas station advertisement is one of the right solutions for the progress of your business or business. We will place the brand place in the potential place of all gas stations. Then the placement will be synchronized with the visitors’ journey. Starting from the entrance to the exit area.

Digital screens of various sizes can be oriented to 1080p x 1920p resolution. Then for the duration you can adjust the mp4 or jpeg files. You can adjust the price issue according to the number of screens taken. If more than two gas station advertisements are in the same location, there will be a special price. Promotional materials should be sent a maximum of D-1 before the broadcast date.

Some roadside units are only available in certain locations upon request.

Before being campaigned, previously there will be printed evidence that must be approved. Then the quality control will be continuously monitored every week. Monitoring is done via the client dashboard and content changes for digital screens.

In daily traffic monitoring, it will be connected to the PertaminaIT system. Then it will measure the real count of gas station visitors. Furthermore, it provides daily traffic which is continuously updated in the monitoring dashboard.

In addition, daily monitoring of actual and minimum playback can ensure the digital screen is always on. Then, daily monitoring of the branding material experience via quality control. Furthermore, there will be a visitor profile campaign report and the results of the campaign impact analysis. So it can be seen from the effectiveness of advertising.

Advertise Tips

Advertising is one of the most effective ways to promote a business or business. Many entrepreneurs who spend large capital just for an advertisement and business progress. However, the most important point is that the advertisement must be informative and on target.

Provide a caption that matches the product. Then make sure all important information is included in the ad. Give a brief, clear, and easy to understand explanation.

Give an interesting effect to the ad, for example, a dramatic effect both audio and visual. So that people who see the ad will be entertained and easy to remember your ad. Don’t let the advertisement you convey is not clear and confuse potential customers. If you are still confused about choosing a location, gas station advertisements can be the best alternative.

Benefits of Advertising

Advertising is a powerful strategy used by business people in marketing products. The development of technology and information presents a more efficient and effective way of advertising. One of them is a potential gas station advertisement.

Advertising has a function to promote a product or service. Until now, advertising is growing rapidly along with its strategy. Then the advertisement will maximize each media in conveying its message. So do not be surprised if the benefits of advertising are always associated with marketing.

This type of marketing with paid advertising, so that the ad creator has full control over the message and content delivered. Advertising is the best way to introduce a product, company name, or brand. For this reason, gas station advertisements are a solution for your product.

Furthermore, for consumers to get to know your product and use the ad to persuade the audience. Give a persuasive message so that the main purpose of the ad can be achieved. The most important thing about advertising is that the company’s brand remains in the minds of consumers.

Advertising will pit business against competitors on the public stage. So, you have to be good at shaping the market and reacting with competitors. Create added value such as improving quality, changing consumer perceptions, and continuing to innovate. Thus, your ad will be more effective and look more elegant, prestigious, and superior than competing products.

In general, advertisements are divided into two types, namely digital and traditional. For digital, in the form of advertisements on social media, pop-ups, via cellular, search and display via search engines, and many more. Meanwhile, traditional advertisements are in the form of television, radio, billboards and print advertisements such as magazines, posters, leaflets, and newspapers.

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