Cook is a Quebec-based company founded by Montrealer Judith Fetzer and partners in 2014. Then Cook led the tableware wave in Canada and became the country’s single largest provider of fast food to date. Thanks to a variety of strong marketing, market share is increasing, including the use of digital OOH advertising.

Enjoying high-quality dishes at home is fun, even accessible. Cook’s mission is to bring the joy of cooking back to Canadian homes. It is more efficient and takes the stress out of confusing dinner planning.

Digital OOH Advertising, Increasing Market Share

In 2016, Cook made it to the subscription model. Even Fetzer continued to have success in the tableware market when he signed a deal with a major investor in Dragon’s Den in 2017.

Next the company acquired competitor Kuisto followed by Miss Fresh in 2019. Moving on into 2020, Cook is growing exponentially amidst the pandemic, showing even no signs of slowing down between the shutdown and the resurgence of online grocery shopping.

Cook employed more than 600 workers to meet the ever-increasing orders at that time. To date, Cook has more than 700 employees and is expected to continue to grow. On December 2, 2021, they announced the acquisition of the assets of a fast food-based company, namely Locaal.

Running creative digital OOH campaigns or ads with Campsite is the best solution. Continuous efforts to be greener by committing to the environment. Initiatives undertaken to source ethically, reduce food waste, and promote a vegetarian lifestyle.

Another form of investment is support for Quebec’s economic growth. So, what Cook does is collaborate with local chefs, producers and organizations.

The importance of a strong marketing mix as the tableware market share continues to increase. So Fetzer and Cook’s Media Placement Manager Alexandre Choletter discussed partnering on the popular Quebex TV show to running creative digital OOH fish.

Food Supplies Market

The advent of online retail has changed the way food is bought, prepared and consumed in recent years. The packaged meal demographic has grown rapidly beyond foodies, young professionals, to busy families. So Cook takes the step by creating recipes that are fast, practical, and always ready to meet demand

Cook takes a personal approach to meal planning. That way customers will modify independently based on their preferences. It makes it possible to collect information and use it for marketing purposes with digital OOH advertising.

Marketing tips emphasize a profitable approach. Then the food packages at affordable prices.

Because the competition among food package services is very competitive. Then many take advantage of marketing strategies with coupons and discount tactics. But Cook focuses on that audience and delivers it to avid food-packaged consumers, rather than targeting deal shoppers.

Boosting Omnichannel Advertising Effectiveness with OOH Digital Digital Updates

Cook partnered with the popular Quebec reality show to help create and drive foodware awareness. Occupation Double sponsors the contestants’ weekly meals that are aired throughout the series.

Thanks to this digital OOH advertising partnership, customers can easily choose the same recipe as their favorite TV candidate. Then this OOH campaign has run across the province with creatives based on the TV show.

The goal of the campaign is to reach the audience via contextual ads that create a connection with each episode. The creative adapts to the message around the event and helps Cook drive brand awareness and recognition while presenting recipe previews each week.

Cook’s digital OOH ads reach approximately 3 million people in a creative and impactful way. It is part of an Omnichannel mix that includes radio, digital and TV campaigns.

The campaign which runs on 300 outdoor digital screens includes urban panels, billboards in 2 specially selected geographic areas, and bus stops.

Many companies are turning to using digital OOH advertising for promotions, including Cook it’s Chef classes. This advertising service allows customers to serve chef-curated gourmet meals at home while taking online classes.

Cook quickly adapts creatives based on changing recipes or reality show content factors with Campsite. It’s important to create contextually relevant messages, thereby driving stronger brand recall.

The use and functionality of Campsite makes the platform very efficient and useful for marketing teams. Digital OOH creatives, screen selection, to the division of specific days can be easily scheduled each week in minutes by the Cook it team. Apart from that, the camp team also supports the ideal execution and they will maximize the results of the campaign.


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