There are many reports that Adele will release her new album. Because in various cities around the world billboards circulated with the mysterious number 30. This series of billboards began to appear early this October.

Although there has been no official news from Adele, but the fan account of the singer has at least seen two billboards bearing the number 30. Then if you look at the message in it, the news is very convincing. The appearance of this figure has been around since Friday, October 1, 2021, but so far nothing has materialized.

Adele Updates Social Media Pages To Match Billboard 30

Adele hinted that her fourth studio album might be out soon. The Hello singer updated her social media pages such as Instagram, Facebook. Twitter, and YouTube. The background of the social media is turquoise, similar to the mysterious billboards or billboards that have sprung up all over the world.

While sharing the post to Instagram, Adele joked about the album, entitled 30. It was in honor of her birthday several years ago. Learning to love yourself is more than enough.

Fans are speculating if Adele’s album will be released soon. Once billboards popped up in random areas all over the world.

Billboards are available in Landmark, New York, South Korea, Singapore, Dubai, London, Paris, and many more. However, Adele has not officially revealed the details of the album that will be released and will be her fourth album.

Billboard is a form of promotion that is used outdoors. In this digital era, the development is very fast. Many billboards use new technology so that digital billboards appear.

Like Adele’s mysterious billboard, it has become a promotional media that is in great demand by the market. Placement in several countries is able to increase the prestige of the singer. Because many people are curious about the confusing news that has not been officially confirmed by Adele.

Promotion on Billboard Successfully Attracts Audience

As we already know, this singer with a melodious voice always releases albums with titles using numbers. Albums that have been released include 19, 21, and 25.

For information, previously Adele had the last album with the naming 25 which was released in 2015. The album successfully recorded 10 weeks at number 1 on the Billboard 200.

Thanks to this album, this melodious singer won Album of The Year and Best Pop Vocal Album at the prestigious 2017 Grammy Awards. In addition, she was Diamond Certified from the Recording Industry Association of America.

It’s not just a number, it shows Adele’s age when she wrote and recorded her album. Adele is currently 33 years old, so one of her fans theorizes that her potential fourth album will be when she is 30. This is as stated on the billboard with the number 30 written on it.

For Adele, the age of 30 became the most important year for her. Because at that time she separated from her ex-husband Simon Konecki. In addition, the record 30 would fit Adele’s previous naming pattern.

The billboards scattered in several countries around the world have succeeded in capturing the attention of the public. It is proven by the many news and comments of netizens about the mysterious promotion.

Adele’s billboard arrived one day after Swifties’ announcement. It is known that Taylor Swift announced on September 30 that she will be releasing her upcoming album. Then the second album release schedule on November 12 will not come out on the original release date, which is November 19.

Swift wrote on Twitter that the album will be out one week earlier than scheduled, which is November 12. He can’t wait to celebrate his heartbreak album with fans in the fall.

Advantages of Billboards

Billboards bearing the number 30 are able to attract the attention of a larger audience in various countries around the world. Its installation can define the target geographically. The reach of the promotion can be adjusted to the location, such as urban areas or busy areas.

Installing billboards as album promotion media is very precise and more efficient. Even the audience coverage is very broad than other media.

It is proven that these 30 billboards are Adele’s best way to convey information. This method is the best step in promotion, namely through advertising on billboards.

Utilizing billboards as advertising media will make it easier for the audience to pay attention to the content of the message. Because Adele’s fans and music lovers always monitor the singer’s activities.

The mysterious billboard post also received a response from Adele’s colleagues. It looks like Jedidiah Jenkins likes posts about billboards that read 30 on Adele’s Twitter account.

In addition to conveying information and promotions, billboards also function to beautify the appearance of the city’s layout. But the size and design must be good and appropriate. In fact, a city will look messy and access to public spaces will be disrupted if the billboards are too large and there are a lot of them.


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