Billboard now not only used as a medium of outdoor advertising and media information on the latest deals, promotional product, or campaign alone. There are many agencies in the advertising industry that created the billboard to attract the attention of people. Billboard with interesting or creative display will attract the attention of customers with a unique slogan. Billboard with a unique appearance will make people or unnerved road users and the talk in many circles that can attract clients. Awareness of advertised products will be embedded in their minds.

In Indonesia there are quite a few billboards attract public attention.

One of them is an advertisement from Go-Jek, as one of the online motorcycle taxis in Indonesia is now becoming a byword in the community. Not about the highlighted service, but related to the large billboards installed in the Kuningan area, South Jakarta. The existence of these ads do not like in general with attractive appearance. But the billboard only displays the text as it is, and without a complicated design along the two black paragraphs with a white background. It may look ordinary, but it is enough to make an impression on the community. Other people also know and find out about the ownership of the ad.

Besides that there is also a unique Billboard from an Indonesian e-commerce company, Shopee makes 3D billboards with attractive designs and can be seen on the streets of Asia Africa to Senayan City. Billboard is seen able to highlight the variety of goods that consumers can buy at Shopee. With the 3D effects that are generated, this billboard looks very unique and different. That way, it’s no wonder that Shopee is a well-known e-commerce in Indonesia.

The uniqueness of billboards, written with creative ideas is very influential on the sale value of a product is marketed. MediaMove as an outdoor advertising company is of course very supportive for ideas from clients that can be realized together to promote the products that you want to deliver, let’s immediately find a strategic location to promote your advertising products. Click here


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