Flood free housing ad. Source: Instagram / awreceh.id

Marketing a housing estate is indeed not easy, a high-involvement type product (house) certainly needs a careful thought before buying it and therefore the advertisements that are made must also be good at luring buyers.

Entering the heavy rainy season, it is also the main concentration of buyers in buying a house, one of which is a flood-free location. The value of a flood-free location has always been heralded by housing marketers.

A few days ago, a picture of residential banners was circulating which drew laughter from netizens. The reason is that the housing banners uploaded by the @awreceh.id Instagram account are in fact inversely proportional to what is advertised.

Housing pennants were flooded. Source: instagram / awreceh.id

You can see in the picture above, that yellow banners with a description of the land plots that are ready to be built and can be done using the credit method. Also listed are the plans and main sales of the residential banners, namely the strategic location. “Flood Free, Near the Mosque” is an additional selling point from the housing advertisement.

What a plot twist, precisely the surroundings of the banners are inversely proportional to the advertisement message being offered, “Flood Free”. You can see in the picture; the banners are partially submerged and covered by the flood. Suddenly, this upload also drew laughter from the netizens who saw it.

“Free for flooding whenever it means” call @devina_fp

“S3 Marketing that wrong major” quipped @komarr97

“Build a port?” said @runnieruns95

Apart from the cuteness and tragedy experienced by these banners, it is true that the advertisements for housing or land plots are still popular with the form of banners. Usually housing advertisements are installed on the side of the road, some are stretched out on the road, but not a few have switched to using better advertising media such as billboards.

Banners, which are usually installed scattered and randomly, often end up as visual pollution and waste. Starting from this, the local government has also begun to manage policies and tighten the placement of advertisements, especially in outdoor media. In fact, the Bogor City Government has begun to proclaim to eliminate conventional outdoor advertising into Videotron or digital LEDs.

In addition to aiming to enhance the aesthetic value of the city, the use of Videotron LEDs can reduce the amount of waste generated from outdoor advertising. At the same time, of course, arrange the commercial space so that it is well-managed and flexible.


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